What to Wear to the Madonna Concert?

So, I’m going to the Madonna concert on Oct 30 with some friends.  And we’ve been trying to decide what one wears to such an event.  And don’t think that both 80s fashion (think leg warmers + side ponytails) and cone bras havne’t been suggested.  But what do you think?  What should we wear?  Pictures, of course, will be forthcoming.

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  1. Ha! I just did a google search for “what to wear to a madonna concert” and this post came up. I too am going to the show tomorrow night. I am SUPER excited. But like you too I have NO CLUE what to wear! Probably just something comfy cause me and my roommate are driving up from Seattle. Good luck on your fashion search, and have FUN at the show!!!

  2. Hey…………..Guess I’m not the only 40-something female going to the concert and wondering what to wear. I’m going to see her show in Vegas on Nov 8th, so maybe you can give me the low-down after your show????? I want to know what people are wearing!!!!!! And what looks in style, or not and looks good. Thanks!

  3. I will be sure to post pics of what my friends and I wear, and possibly what others are wearing if I stop dancing long enough to take pics. Also, for the record, I’m only 31! =)

  4. Guess what? Leg warmers and side ponytails were late 70’s, not 80’s.
    And cone bras were 50’s (and perhaps early 90’s, if you were a stage performer), not 80’s.
    If you want to wear a real mid-80’s kind of outfit, big loose painted on shirts (spattered) with neck cut out, tank top under. Then put a long, long belt around your waist and loop it around one shoulder, then buckle it. Army green pants with cuffs and small flat scrunch boots.
    Jewelry- rhinestones, pins, brooches, the more the merrier. Earrings, same thing…all the way up the ear. Your grandma’s jewelry.

    But why not just be comfy? I’m wearing a long loose sweater that ties in front I bought in Paris last fall with a loose silk shirt under and leggings with tall suede boots.
    And I’m 46. So what if you’re in your 40’s going to see Madonna? You were in your 20’s (and her BEST and most APPRECIATED audience…and the ones who first put the money into her torn pockets!) when she first got radio play (when she was 26).

  5. Why does everyone keep saying I’m in my 40s????? I’m 31, dammit!

    Also, I wasn’t trying to imply that cone bras were 80s fashion… that sentence was referring to 80s fashion (as Madonna got big in the 80s) OR a cone bra (as Madonna famously wore one), not saying cone bras.

  6. That is very odd everyone erronenously thinking you are in your 40s. I have it on good authority you have been 29.5 for a while now, it being the most important of all half-birthdays.

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