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“Inventory is evil” is what my supply chain management prof always used to say. Inventory is your money being tied up so you can’t use it. Inventory is risk – risk that you’ve put your money into making that product, but maybe you won’t be able to sell it or it will get stolen or eaten by rats or go past its expiry date or become obsolete. Inventory costs you money because you have to store your inventory somewhere. “Inventory is evil” is something I’ve been experiencing vis-a-vis Pokémon1.

In the Pokémon game, you get 250 storage spots for all the little pocket monsters that you catch (or hatch or evolve). But when you live and work in heavily Pokéstopped areas, you end up catching lots and lots of Pokémon – way more than 250, though lots and lots of them are multiples of ones you have2. Since the objective of the game is to catch each different type of Pokémon, you need to have enough room in your inventory to store all the different types, but given how often you just keep catching the same type you already have, you quickly run out of space! You can “transfer” your Pokémon to the professor in exchange for candy (which frees up a spot in your Pokémon inventory) but (a) that requires the hard work of tapping icons and words on your screen, (b) many of the Pokémon are sooo cute and I don’t know what the professor is doing to them (but it can’t be good), and (c) my pack rat tendencies. It’s actually mostly (a). I tend to catch Pokémon as I go about my day – walking to the Skytrain station, on the way to the grocery store, etc. – so it sort of fits with the flow of my day, but cleaning up my inventory requires concerted effort just focused on playing the game, and since I’m not typically a gamer, this is not something I’m used to. Once you fill up your storage, you can’t catch anymore Pokémon until you either transfer some out or pay money for more storage spots. This is where my cheapness overtakes my laziness3!

I mostly do my Pokémon inventory management on my Skytrain ride. I sort the Pokémon by name so that I can see which ones I have multiples of, check out which one is the most powerful (or which two if I’m keeping an extra one around to evolve4.), and then transferring the superfluous to the professor. It’s a lot of work! Also, while doing this important work, I’m often interrupted by my phone vibrating, which signifies that a new Pokémon has spawned where I am so I have to get out of my inventory box and go catch it. Since my Pokémon are sorted alphabetically by name, I often clear out my extra Caterpies and Drowzees, but less often get to my Spearows and Zubats. Case in point, I seem to own all of the Tauroses5:

All the Tauroses

Or I did. After I took that screen shot, I transferred a bunch to the professor and now I have a tonne of Tauros candy – I used as much of the candy as I could but apparently cannot power him up anymore until I become a stronger trainer.

In addition to my Pokémon storage, I also have a limited inventory for carrying around items in your bag – Pokéballs, Megaballs, and Ultraballs used to catch , plus Revives and Potions used to heal your Pokémon after you force them to fight at a PokéGym6. This used to be a problem for me, as my I kept getting messages that my bag was full – again, you could pay for a bigger bag, but I’m way too cheap. I often throw out Revive and Potions, because I don’t fight at PokéGyms that much, so I’d rather have room for more balls7. But in the past week or so I’ve found that not having enough inventory room is not my problem – my problem has been that I keep running out of PokéBalls! Which is probably because I keep running into situations like this one:

All the Pokémon

I ran into this gaggle of Pokémon outside my pet store when I went to buy food for the kitties. I ended up catching 11 Pokémon in a row there! Hence why I keep running out of Pokéballs!

So, yes, it seems it’s feast or famine when it comes to PokéInventory – either too much or too little. Inventory really is evil.

  1. Yes, I’m still playing Pokémon, even though everyone else is so over it. Because I have a bad case of completism and I’ve still got 38 Pokémon that I haven’t caught yet! []
  2. You have to catch multiples of the same type of Pokémon because (a) catching Pokémon gives you experience points (XP), which is how you level up (which makes you more powerful, lets you catch more powerful Pokémon, and gives you useful objects) and (b) it also gives you candy, which you need to evolve or level up a given Pokémon. []
  3. My friend Cath and I (the only two people I know who are both still playing, made a solemn vow to not spend any actual money on this game. We only get items through either getting them for free at Pokéstops or getting them for free when we level up or earning PokéCoins for free by putting our Pokémon on gyms. []
  4. Or extras if I’ve given them a particular name, like my Meowths, which I named after my kitties – an idea I stole from Cath []
  5. I appear to have a Tauros nesting ground right outside my home and right outside my office so I catch them all. the. time. []
  6. If this is your first time at PokéGym – you *have* to fight! []
  7. Although, I have this feeling of guilt for throwing away perfectly good Revives and Potions because it feels wasteful….. even though I’m entirely away that they are *imaginary* and I got them for free at PokéStops! []


A Fraggle of Frogs

So I was feeling bad that poor Copernicus was all alone – African dwarf frogs are social animals who get lonely without some buddies – so a new fraggle of frogs has been purchased. “Fraggle of frogs”, for the uninitiated, is what one calls a group of frogs – much like you have a herd of cattle, flock of sheep, a pride of lions, or a murder of crows. At least, that’s what a group of frogs is called at my house. Because I tried to find out what the proper term for a group of frogs is, but only found no definitive answer – just randoms in various Internet forums of varying levels of repute suggesting that perhaps it’s an “army of frogs” or a “colony of frogs”. Then Devon suggested that it should have a better name, like “a fraggle.” Oddly enough, when I Googled that, I found 8 other people who have used this expression before. This blog posting will make the 9th Google hit and, with any luck, I’ll top the Internet for frog fraggles, in addition to my current standing as the Internet’s leading authority on radicalized geese and Egg McMasters.

But I digress. A fraggle of frogs was purchased last Sunday and have been kept in quarantine (read: a separate bowl with some rocks in it) to make sure we don’t have a repeat of last time, where the new frogs brought in some froggie disease that killed both them and 2/3 of the original frogs. So far1, the new frogs seem peppy and healthy and as long as they stay that way for 2 more days, they will move into the big tank to enjoy the splendors of the castle and to keep Copernicus company.


Unlike last time, when we had names picked out for the frogs before they were even purchased2, we are waiting to see what the personalities of these frogs are like to give them names3.


So far, only one of the four newbies has a name. The other day, I saw one of the frogs floating on the surface, reminiscent of the way one of the babies did when they died and the way Hutch did the night he died, so I was sure this guy was going to be a goner:

Loki the Frog

I tapped on the glass – no reaction. I lifted the lid4 – no reaction. But upon touching the frog with the net – he swam away! He was totally tricking me into thinking he was dead! “You little trickster!” I said and then instantly knew what his name was to be: Loki5.

As it turns out, Loki just really loves to float. He spends hours doing it, but he moves if (a) another frog bumps into him6 or (b) at feeding time, when he joins in on the feeding frenzy with the others.

Some of the other frogs are also learning the joy of floating – early tonight there was a trio of floating frogs for a bit!

There’s another frog who likes to spend most of his time under the elevated box of rocks:


I’m toying with calling him Balboa7.

Now, since I’m supposed to be studying for my accounting exam8, I shall do some frog inventory related calculations. All who wish not to be bored to tears should stop reading now.

Frog Inventory Calculations

The following transactions occurred:

  • 5 frogs were purchased for $2.50 each
  • 2 frogs committed frogicide
  • 2 more frogs were purchased for $3.99 each9
  • The 2 new frogs died under mysterious circumstances.
  • Then 2 of the original frogs died, probably because they were infected with a froggie disease brought into the tank by the 2 newbies.
  • 4 additional frogs were purchased for $6.99 each, less a 15% discount for bulk frog purchase (i.e., $5.94 each)

Question 1: What is the value of the frog inventory?


Depending on if we are using LIFO or FIFO cost flow assumptions10, we get different froggie inventory values.

FIFO (First In, First Out).

Under FIFO, the froggie inventory would be:

  • 4 frogs costing $5.94 each = $5.94 x 4 = $23.76    PLUS
  • 1 frog costing $3.99 = $3.99

For a total frog inventory of $27.75.

LIFO (Last In, First Out).

Under LIFO, the froggie inventory would be:

  • 4 frogs costing $5.94 each = $5.94 x 4 = $23.76    PLUS
  • 1 frog costing $2.50 = $2.50

For a total frog inventory of $26.26.

Question 2: What is the LIFO allowance?

Answer: If we were using LIFO, we would have a LIFO allowance equal to the difference between the FIFO inventory value and the LIFO inventory value – i.e., $27.75 – $26.26 = $1.49.

Bonus Question: 100 Internet points to whoever first correctly calculates the frog inventory using the weighted average system.

  1. *knocks on wood* []
  2. Righetous and Shemp. []
  3. Which is what we did with the first batch of frogs. []
  4. Well, the “lid” is just a binder that sits on top of the bowl to make sure they can’t jump out. []
  5. Loki, of course, is the Norse trickster god. []
  6. Though he mostly just looks annoyed and swims the minimum distance away to keep floating in peace. []
  7. Since we already had a “Rocky“. []
  8. Which, in my defence, I was doing all night tonight and I’m just taking a break ‘cuz a girl can only take so much accumulated depreciation in one night, amirite? []
  9. The frog inflation rate is quite high! []
  10. I’m too lazy to do weighted average tonight – it’s getting late! Maybe tomorrow. []