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On the eight and ninth day of donating…

Apologies for the missed posting yesterday! When I went to post last night, I found out that I couldn’t get into my blog! I texted the Overseer of Deb0rking and Tsar of the Nerdery, who figured out that it was one of the plugins that was b0rking my blog, so he deactivated a bunch and now I’m able to get back in! Thanks, Kalev!

I’ll  have to do some testing to see if I can figure out which plugin is causing the problem, but that will be another day’s problem. Today, I’m going to post about two more charities that I’ve donated to.

Eighth Day

First up is a blast from the past: Options for Sexual Health. Remember that time that I did a 24-hour blogathon and raised money for Options for Sexual Health ((OMG, when I just looked that up on my blog to make that link, I saw that it was nearly TEN years ago! TEN!))? 

To champion and celebrate the sexual health of all people in BC by supporting, providing, and promoting inclusive and accessible health care and education.

Options for Sexual Health Mission

Opt provides clinical services to 30,000 people every year and they are the “only organization training and certifying sexual health educators in Canada”! They also “supports the unrestricted right of all women to choose when and if to have children [… and] the right of young people to receive the sexual health education and services they seek, based on their informed consent.” I believe that work is important and that’s why I’ve donated to this organization. 

Ninth Day

Another organization that I think does really important work is the Centre for Inquiry Canada. In these times of misinformation and “alternative facts”, I’m glad there is an organization that promotes critical thinking skills and good science and basing policy on evidence.

Centre for Inquiry Canada fosters a
secular society based on reason, science,
freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.

CFIC’s MIssion


#2 – Guest Posting: My Charity of Choice – Options for Sexual Health

And now, a chance to hear a little bit more about the charity I’m supporting through Blogathon – Options for Sexual Health, or OPT for short- in this guest posting by Jessica Peart. Jessica is the Co-Director, Applied Knowledge and Co-Manager, Executive Services at OPT.

“Options for Sexual Health envisions a society that celebrates healthy sexuality, its diversity of expression, and a positive sexual self-image for individuals throughout life.”

It’s a challenging vision to pursue. The laws and mores of our society are more directed at containing sexuality than celebrating it. We’re still encountering sexual health education programs that focus on risks instead of preparing young people for lives of sexual fulfillment. And when the federal government denies funding for gay pride events it sends a clear message that is does not respect and acknowledge sexual diversity. We’ve also been challenged in recent years to distance ourselves from phony “crisis pregnancy centres” that use branding similar to our own, but which do not provide women facing unplanned pregnancies with accurate information on the full range of options available to them: how convenient for the centres, but how not so convenient for these pregnant women requiring access to unbiased referrals!

But OPT has some initiatives that will move our vision forward. This year, we’re finding out from teens in BC exactly what they want to learn about sexuality and what they’d like to see in sex educators. And we’ll be supporting those young folks to put into place the changes they want to see. They are, after all, the generation that will carry OPT’s vision into the future. We’ll be helping residential care facilities for seniors and others support the essential role that intimacy plays in our lives at any age and state of being. We’re part of a movement to increase the safety f men and women engaged in sex work. And soon, all reproductive health nurses in BC will receive training from OPT – through a partnership we have with BCIT – on how to counsel, diagnose and administer medications for contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections. Those nurses leaving the program will leave with our perspectives and values for supporting the sexual health and sexuality needs of British Columbians, because in all our programs and activities, we guarantee that individuals will receive well-informed, confidential, and non-judgmental care.

Based in British Columbia, Options for Sexual Health is Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services through clinics, advocacy, education programs, and the 1-800 SEX SENSE information and referral line. Visit to find out if there’s a clinic near you, learn more about your sexual health, or to find out how you can support our programs and services and the overall fulfillment of our vision: we’ve still got a ways to go!

Jessica Peart

Co-Director, Applied Knowledge

Co-Manager, Executive Services

blog468x60 by you.Don’t forget to donate!


Blogathon 2009 – Because Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing for 24 Hours Straight

Note: I’ve made this post “sticky” so it will stay at the top of my blog until Blogathon. Scroll down for my recent posts.


It’s official! I’ve signed up to stay up for 24 hours straight, publishing a blog posting every half hour.  And because I’ll be giving you all my bloggy goodness, you can give back by donating money to the charity of my choosing.

Since the  “Repay Dr. Beth’s Student Loans” Foundation1 doesn’t appear to be on the list of possible charities, the charity I have chosen is Options for Sexual Health:

Options for Sexual Health is a not-for-profit society meeting the reproductive and sexual health needs of British Columbians since 1961. We offer confidential, nonjudgmental clinical services, reliable contraceptive options, and comprehensive education and information, provided by well-trained professionals according to the highest standards.

Options has both clinics and education services and is a member organization in the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Anyone3 who donates at least $20 to Options for Sexual Health through my Blogathon page before July 20, 2009 can request a topic that they’d like me to blog about – just drop a comment or send me an email.  Also, if anyone wants to write a guest posting – let me know2!

In addition, you better come up with a theme for me. I mean, I need a theme that will help me come up with 48 different ideas for postings that I can write without having to do research. Because I’m lazy like that. Otherwise, you are going get 48 postings about me me me! And then I’ll have to officially change the name of my blog to “Rampant Narcissism – All Me, All The Time!”

1And it appears that such a thing would be *strictly forbidden*.
2I will be emailing some of you directly to guilt trip you request that you write a guest posting for me. So you should probably just volunteer, it will be easier on both of us.
3Up to the first 48 people that is. And you can’t request anything that requires me to my do any research.