Blogathon 2009 – Because Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing for 24 Hours Straight

Note: I’ve made this post “sticky” so it will stay at the top of my blog until Blogathon. Scroll down for my recent posts.


It’s official! I’ve signed up to stay up for 24 hours straight, publishing a blog posting every half hour.  And because I’ll be giving you all my bloggy goodness, you can give back by donating money to the charity of my choosing.

Since the  “Repay Dr. Beth’s Student Loans” Foundation1 doesn’t appear to be on the list of possible charities, the charity I have chosen is Options for Sexual Health:

Options for Sexual Health is a not-for-profit society meeting the reproductive and sexual health needs of British Columbians since 1961. We offer confidential, nonjudgmental clinical services, reliable contraceptive options, and comprehensive education and information, provided by well-trained professionals according to the highest standards.

Options has both clinics and education services and is a member organization in the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Anyone3 who donates at least $20 to Options for Sexual Health through my Blogathon page before July 20, 2009 can request a topic that they’d like me to blog about – just drop a comment or send me an email.  Also, if anyone wants to write a guest posting – let me know2!

In addition, you better come up with a theme for me. I mean, I need a theme that will help me come up with 48 different ideas for postings that I can write without having to do research. Because I’m lazy like that. Otherwise, you are going get 48 postings about me me me! And then I’ll have to officially change the name of my blog to “Rampant Narcissism – All Me, All The Time!”

1And it appears that such a thing would be *strictly forbidden*.
2I will be emailing some of you directly to guilt trip you request that you write a guest posting for me. So you should probably just volunteer, it will be easier on both of us.
3Up to the first 48 people that is. And you can’t request anything that requires me to my do any research.

18 Replies to “Blogathon 2009 – Because Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing for 24 Hours Straight”

  1. You misunderstand. It would be the high concentration of postings all about me (48 in a day, rather than my usual 1 per day) that would lead to the blog title change, not that the blog title change leads to a difference in content.

  2. No, I don't really misunderstand. What I meant to convey is that it already is “All Me, All The Time” so really, if that hasn't caused your title change, I don't see how Blogathon-ing would. 😛

  3. Oh yeah, I didn't even think about the preview comments. Odd that Disqus doesn't have that. I added Disqus 'cuz I wanted the threaded replies (which you – the only person who has replied to a comment since I added Disqus – didn't even use!)

  4. It would be the high concentration of All Me, All The Time. Right now, with only one per day, it's simply “I amuse me.” But 48 in a day – I'm pretty sure that's the criteria for a clinical diagnosis of rampant narcissism. Which I'm sure is totally a clinical diagnosis.

  5. I have to say I'm not very impressed with a system that bills itself as “a powerful comment system that easily enhances the discussion on websites” and can't even manage to provide preview.

    I didn't realise it threaded replies. Woo.

  6. Oh good… so it wasn't just me.

    Hmmn… so far verdict is… blah.

    Do your comments go away if DisqUs is removed? Because that would definitely be a deal-breaker. (I'm guessing not but hey, you never know.)

  7. Nope. I just double checked it by deactivating the plugin – the comments are still there (you lose the threadedness, but they show up in the same order).

  8. I, too, will help out. I hear that Dave's willing to guest post, too.

    When we get back to Canada, we'll sponsor too. I will let you know when that happens.

  9. Hey! Not to be a pain, but the -athon has started. Did you want to unstick this? Or do you plan to have it sticky throughout the day?

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