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Adult Pirate Paks and Wineries

Today’s adventure’s included Adult Pirate Paks and wineries. They go together like peas in a pod.

First up, Adult Pirate Paks at White Spot for lunch:

Adult Pirate Pak Day at White Spot

I was a little weirded out by the chicken-mermaid on my Pirate Pak, but the veggie burger, coleslaw, and french fry deliciousness was more than enough to distract me:

Adult Pirate Pak at White Spot

Why would anyone think mer-chickens are a good idea?

After lunch we headed out to check out some of the local Okanagan wineries. First up: Volcanic Hills Estate Winery.

Wine Tasting at Volcanic Hills Winery

Volcanic Hills is a relatively new winery, having only been established in May 2010. I’ve never had any of their wines before, so we did a tasting – 4 wines for $2! Plus, if you buy a bottle, they waive the $2. Naturally, we had to buy a bottle. It was the fiscally responsible thing to do.

Then we headed up to the Mission Hill Family Estate Winery. I’ve had plenty of Mission Hill wines before, so we didn’t do a tasting, but just walked around the grounds instead. The estate – and the views – were pretty spectacular.

Misson Hill Pinot Noir grapes

At Misson Hill

Misson Hill

Misson Hill

I don't know what this thing is supposed to be

I don’t know what this thing is supposed to be, but I totally felt the need to copy it for a photo opp. And then some other chick totally copied me and did a photo opp too! I’m a trendsetter, obviously.

Mission Hill has a big bell tower with, not surprisingly, bells in it. But apparently one of the bells that they had cast for the bell tower was made too big and didn’t fit. So they placed it at ground level so that people could see how pretty the bells are. Also, you can knock on the bell and make the awesome bell tower bell noise. Which, of course, we did repeatedly. Bells are awesome.

Devon ringing the bell


Losing My Pirate Pak Virginity

Yesterday was Adult Pirate Pak Day at White Spot. For my readers who aren’t from BC, White Spot is a restaurant and Pirate Paks are their kids meals, which come in a cardboard pirate boat with a chocolate gold coin! If you grew up in BC, you grew up eating Pirate Paks and White Spot capitalizes on the nostalgia value of this with their annual “Adult Pirate Pak Day,” where grown ups can relive their youth by getting their burger, fries, coleslaw, drink and ice cream – and the chocolate gold coin – in a cardboard pirate boat! As you know, I didn’t grow up in BC, so, up until yesterday, I’d never had a Pirate Pak! But that was corrected as Kalev and I met for a late dinner at the White Spot on Georgia!

Grown Up Pirate Pak - Kalev

Kalev says, “Aarrrr!”

Grown Up Pirate Pak - Beth

This Pirate Pak is ALL MINE!!

Grown Up Pirate Pak - Beth with her gold coin
Me and my gold coin!

As evidenced by the photos, the lighting in White Spot left something to be desired, but the Pirate Paks were made of 100% awesome!