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I’m On A Roll!

Apparently I am on a publishing roll! First came my textbook, and now my latest literary masterpiece:

Adverse Events Following Immunization: Evaluating an Enhanced Nursing Role for PHNs

Sadly, you can only read the full article if you (or the organization for which you work or the organization at which you go to school) has a subscription to the journal – Canadian Nurse. But it’s well worth the read if you can get your hands on a copy. Riveting, I say!


Look What Arrived In The Mail Today!

Copies of my brand new textbook!


I have to say, it’s pretty amazing to hold this book – the product of so much work – in my very own hands!

For those of you who have been asking where you can buy yourself a copy of this fine book1, you can get it directly from the publisher at the low, low price of just $402. And if I see you in person after you buy it, I’ll totally autograph it for you – at no extra charge3!

  1. I.e., Rick. []
  2. Which is a pretty darn good price for a textbook! []
  3. Mom & Nancy, I already got copies for you. I’ll put them in the mail just as soon as I think of something witty to write along with my signature! []


I’m An Author!

So, remember that time I did a photoshoot because I need a professional photo for a top secret project that I was working on? Well, as it turns out, the reason that I needed that photo was for the author bio page of the textbook I’ve been working on!

Essentials of Nutrition: A Functional Approach, by Zimmerman and Snow is a textbook for nutrition courses for non-majors. It presents the science of nutrition in an accessible way, so that it can be understood even if you don’t have an extensive background in biology and chemistry. We’ve structured the book so that it focuses on nutrients in relation to their main physiological functions rather than just going through a chapter on each nutrient. For example, we have chapters on the nutrients important to bone health, and another on nutrients important to fluid balance. Putting the information into context should make the material easier to retain.

The other really exciting thing about my textbook – I mean, in addition to OMG I HAVE A TEXTBOOK! – is the business model of our publisher, Flat World Knowledge. This screenshot I’ve taken from Flat World’s website does a pretty good job of explaining it:

Flat World Knowledge

I shudder to think how much I’ve spent on textbooks over my years as a student1. And as an educator, I’ve struggled with finding textbooks that weren’t quite what I wanted. Flat World’s model of affordable textbooks that are customizable by instructors is really something that I can appreciate.

If you’ve been looking around for a great resource on nutrition – and you know you have – you should totally buy a copy2 today!

  1. I’m on year 12 of postsecondary education, and though I probably didn’t buy any textbooks after about my first year of my PhD until I started my MBA, I’ve paid a tonne in the past year and my undergrad years saw me dropping thousands on books. []
  2. Or seven. []


I Am Only One Degree of Separation From Being Published in Science!

Today, my friend Erika’s paper, based on her PhD research, was published in the prestigious journal Science!

science mag
This is the front page of Science’s website today. That red arrow shows you where the story on Erika’s paper resides!

You may remember Erika from such blog postings as her wedding and several 12Bars of Christmas. But in addition to being a thrower of awesome parties, she’s also a ridiculously good scientist. The significance of being published in Science is, no exaggeration, like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Seriously. Remember how big a deal it was when Alexandre Bilodeau won that gold medal last year1? It’s that big. Seriously.

Also, my friend Linda is a co-author. You may remember Linda from such awesomeness as Team Cupcake and several 12 Barsof Christmas2.

So congrats to Erika, Linda and the rest of the co-authors on this ridiculously amazing achievement. And congrats to me on being only one degree of separation (x2) from a publication in Science!

  1. Assuming you are Canadian. If you are not, insert the name of some important gold medal winner from your country! []
  2. Including the fact that she let me pass out at her place after this year’s 12 Bars Bethy FAIL []


Hey, remember that time I got paid $20 to watch porn?

So I was telling someone the other day about that time I got paid $20 to watch porn. For science. I was watching porn for science1! Anyway, it got me to thinking: did they ever publish that research? So, being the astute scientist that I am, I searched ye ole PubMed and found this:


You can’t access the full paper without a subscription to the journal/a university library account, but you can read the abstract here.

So now I guess I can say that I’ve been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine! And here I thought “Bone” would be the dirtiest sounding journal I’d ever be in!

  1. For the uninitiated, I was a subject in a research study that was looking at the relationship between estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol levels in women and sexual desire & response []