I Am Only One Degree of Separation From Being Published in Science!

Today, my friend Erika’s paper, based on her PhD research, was published in the prestigious journal Science!

science mag
This is the front page of Science’s website today. That red arrow shows you where the story on Erika’s paper resides!

You may remember Erika from such blog postings as her wedding and several 12Bars of Christmas. But in addition to being a thrower of awesome parties, she’s also a ridiculously good scientist. The significance of being published in Science is, no exaggeration, like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Seriously. Remember how big a deal it was when Alexandre Bilodeau won that gold medal last year1? It’s that big. Seriously.

Also, my friend Linda is a co-author. You may remember Linda from such awesomeness as Team Cupcake and several 12 Barsof Christmas2.

So congrats to Erika, Linda and the rest of the co-authors on this ridiculously amazing achievement. And congrats to me on being only one degree of separation (x2) from a publication in Science!

  1. Assuming you are Canadian. If you are not, insert the name of some important gold medal winner from your country! []
  2. Including the fact that she let me pass out at her place after this year’s 12 Bars Bethy FAIL []

3 Replies to “I Am Only One Degree of Separation From Being Published in Science!”

  1. I recently learned (via the Retraction Watch blog) that there’s a journal called “Nature and Science”. As in, “I’ve published in Nature and Science”. The journal’s website seems to suggest that it’ll publish pretty much anything (there’s even a PayPal button in the top left sidebar), so hey, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us mere mortals, too?!

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