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Rock’n’Roll 10 km – PB Accomplished!

As you may recall, I’m addicted to race medals. Sure, I love to run because it’s great exercise (good for your health both in terms of fitness and as a stress reliever), it’s a way to challenge yourself, and races provide a great sense of community, fun, and accomplishment. But really, I’m in it for the medals. Well, on Sunday not only did I add an awesome new medal to my collection, but also Daniel surprised me with this awesome medal hanging rack that he made for me:

Rack to hold all my race bling!

You know you are jealous.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sunday morning, bright and early, we found ourselves running the 10 km race at the Oasis Rock’n’Roll at Stanley Park. My primary objective was, as previously mentioned, to obtain the beautiful race medal. But I was also on a mission to set a personal best (PB), as I’d come within 17 seconds of doing so at the recent Night Race. To remind you, my previous personal best was 58:48 and I decided that my goal would be 58 mins1. I’d been somewhat diligent about keeping up my running since the Night Race, including a few longer runs (12-16 km range) and had been improving my time on my shorter runs. The week before the race I ended up not doing any running, which was a combination of being too busy at work to fit in lunchtime runs, experiencing some back stiffness/groin strain that I figured I (a) shouldn’t exacerbate and (b) should spend my limited spare time working on stretching, and thinking that maybe there really is something to the idea of tapering before a race2.

Well, all of this paid off, as I totally smashed my goal, finishing the 10 km in 56:16!

This put me:

  • 40th out of 307 people in my age/gender category (or 87th percentile).
  • 240th out of 2056 women in the race (or 88th percentile)
  • 511th overall out of 2808 (or 82nd percentile).

And here is my beautiful medal to commemorate this feat:

Rock'n'Roll 10 km medal
So shiny!

After the race came the second best thing, next to medals, about racing: post-race brunch! And after the delicious brunch and much needed coffee3 at Scoozis, the lovely staff there gave us a free dessert because they saw our medals and knew we ran a race!

Medals, the reward that keeps on giving. Giving us free dessert in this case.

And then after the race, Daniel gave me the medal hanging rack that, did I mention?, he made himself! I’m so spoiled!

Post race

Thanks, Daniel, for pacing me and yet again helping me reach my goal *and* then making me a present! So spoiled!

  1. As my PB was 7 years and ~15 lbs ago []
  2. And, the horrible rainy weather last week may have also contributed somewhat to my decisions that maybe I should taper. []
  3. I never drink coffee before a race because it makes me need to pee, which is not something you want on a race. But I’m addicted to caffeine, so by the time the race is over, I really need a coffee! []



One of the many ways in which I was spoiled by my mother for my MBA graduation was that she bought me a frame for my diploma1. But not just any frame. No, I needed a fancy pants Sauder School of Business frame. In my defence, my PhD is also from UBC and I already have a fancy pants UBC frame, so I wanted something that would make this degree look different than that one.

Anyway, while my mom was here, we ordered the frame and then I dutifully waited 10 business days for shipping… and it turned out they sent the wrong frame! Well, technically they sent the right frame with the wrong mat. Instead of sending me the mat with the Sauder logo and the Robert H. Lee Graduate School wordmark – I was in the graduate school, after all – they sent me one with just the Sauder logo. Like as if I were an *undergrad*! The horror!

I emailed the company that sells the frames and they quickly shipped me a new mat and then I waited something less than 10 business days and then all was right with the world. Here is my newly framed MBA:

MBA frame

And here is a close up of the Sauder School of Business logo *AND* Robert H. Lee Graduate School wordmark:

MBA frame

It also came with this swanky Sauder logo medallion at the top:

MBA frame

Also, I was surprised to discover that the frame was made in Canada:

MBA frame

Except then I noticed that the frame was made in Italy:

MBA frame

So I guess the “made in Canada” refers to the mat and/or medallion? At any rate, I have a lovely frame for my hard-earned degree. Thanks, Mom!

Perhaps hanging things on walls should be my task for this weekend?

  1. Being that I’m the type to lose and/or spill things on important documents, I wanted to get my diploma into the frame to protect if from me. []



As we all know, the true meaning of Christmas is presents. And there sure were lots and lots of presents under the tree this morning! My niece and nephew got lots of nice toys – Madeline’s were dominated by Monster High dolls and Thomas’s included dinosaurs, trucks, and a few toys from Monsters University1. I gave a fair number of presents from Ireland – because Ireland.

As for me, I was spoiled, as always. Here are a few highlights:

A Christmas tree ornament with a picture of my niece and nephew:

Christmas ornament

This book about bears:

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants

Not shown here: my mom gave me some money to buy two things on my Christmas list – money both because then I don’t have to worry about carrying these presents in my suitcase and because I need to pick the right size. First, a pannier for my bike (since I’m planning to start biking to work once the days get longer so that it is is daylight when I go to, and come home from, work). And second, a pair of minimalist running shoes (both because I tried a pair on once and I loved them and I have been reading Born to Run2 ).

And a molecular gastronomy starter kit and book (because I need new hobbies now that I’m done school3.):

Molecular Gastronomy

There were also countless others things: chocolates and mittens and scarves and jewelry and makeup, etc.


  1. Specifically, Mike Wazowski, also known (to Thomas) as the Baby Eyeball Monster. []
  2. Also, as part of the running study that I’m in, I get 15% off at the Fit First store where we start all of our Sunday runs, so I’m totally buying them there! []
  3. Well, done except for that pesky industry project paper that I need to finish []


Christmas Is A Time For Lazing

So now that I’m waking from my food coma of Christmas feasting, I seem to remember that I have a blog that I’ve been neglecting. But I have to say that I’ve been having a lovely time doing absolutely nothing on my holidays. Well, I shouldn’t say I’ve done *nothing*, because I’ve done a lot of eating. And drinking tea and coffee and lattes and Lions Winter Ale. I also went for a nice run yesterday – and it’s super hilly here on the Island, so I totally earned all the eating and drinking. Plus, I started reading a book, just for fun, which is something that I know I won’t get to do once school starts.

I was also pretty spoiled. In addition to the USA Pan that my sister gave me pre-Christmas1 so that I’d have it in time for my Christmas baking, I got a set of Lagostina cutlery2, earrings, a skull-and-cross bone necklace, a Lululemon gift card, a purse full of make-up and nail polish3, and my niece made a penguin-shaped eraser for me to use for my homework. And Sarah and Dave sent me two awesome books. Like I said – spoiled!

Over the next few days I’ll be doing my usual year-in-review and goals-for-the-new-year type postings. But for now, I’m off to drink a cup a tea!

  1. Omg, I totally thought I’d blogged about the USA Pan, but it appears that I haven’t! I must rectify that posthaste! []
  2. So that I can throw lavish dinner parties once I move back to civilization. Also, so that I can have more than three knives. []
  3. That one is from my mom, of course! []


A Really Good Mail Day

Yesterday at work I received a package in the mail. A package that was made of awesome. I can’t actually tell you what was in said package, but rest assured it was supercalifragilisticexpialawesome. You’ll find out in due course and then you will go, “Fucksocks, that’s awesome!” Mark my words.

Then I arrived home from work yesterday to find this:


And since Sarah had told me that she’d had something shipped to me, the sight of this package was very much squee-inducing! What, what, oh what could it be?? I am pleased to let you know, that this package did not disappoint. Because said package contained these guys:


The cute little yellow guy on the left? That’s herpes virus. And the grey guy on the right? He’s gonorrhea.

You know you are jealous that your friends have never given you such wonderful gifts!

Now, I also have to give a shout out to the store where Sarah bought these guys. It’s a store called Mortimer Snodgrass. Located in Montreal, you can also buy their cool stuff online. Though looking at their website makes me want to go to Montreal to check out their actual store1!

  1. I mean more than my usual “I want to go to Montreal.” Because Montreal rocks []