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Vacation Prep – What Am I Forgetting?

So I leave on my vacation in just over two weeks (!) – and I haven’t really prepared anything1. This is what I’ve come up with for my “to do” list so far:

Vacation Prep - To Do List

My passport is ready to go and I don’t need visa for any of the countries I’m going to. Seasoned travellers, what am I forgetting?

Oh wait, I just remembered one thing: I will be doing tonnes of walking while I’m there, so if you have any recommendations for fashionable yet comfortable shoes, please let me know!

  1. Beyond booking the various pieces of the trip that is. []



I am a mere 5 days away from my summer vacation! Which is a really a work-cation1 because omg, look at all the crap I have to do:

More To Do

Granted, that is my “to do” for school up until October, but just seeing how much is on there – and knowing that a bunch of it is due in early September – is enough to freak me out/motivate me to try to get ahead a bit, as come September we are going to be swamped! I’ve already started on some of it – and my group and I have been working pretty hard on our business plan project2. But I’m realizing that some of this school work is going to have to come with me on my trip.

Wait, what trip? I hear you asking. Well, I’m glad you asked! Because every hard working girl needs some R&R3, I have taken two weeks vacation from work. Because I have to be able to attend my weekly teleconference calls with my business plan group and need to have Internet access to do work on said business plan project, we decided not to stray to far from home, but just to go with some road trips for our vacation: Washington state/Oregon, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan to be specific.

My first order of business once my vacation starts is to be chased by zombies. Yup, just 5 days from now I’ll be competing in the  zombie obstacle course race down in Washington state. I’m very excited and positively terrified! After enjoying my post-race beer at the Apocalypse party, we’ll head down to Portland. Other than the zombie race, we haven’t made concrete plans of what to do when, but we intend to spend a few days exploring the Oregon coast, eating Voodoo Doughnuts, drinking local microbrew beers, and traipsing through Powell’s Books. After we’ve had our fill of Oregon, we’ll head back north, where we just might make a jaunt over to Mount St. Helens, because volcanos are awesome. Then we intend to take the ferry from Anacortes, Washington to Vancouver Island, just because neither of us have taken that ferry before. We’ll stay on the Island for some as-of-yet indeterminate amount of time, then head on over to the mainland and, at some point, make our way to the Okanagan, to visit wineries, play with Devon’s wee niece4, and look for Ogopogo.

But before I get too excited about my freedom from work5, I still have 5 days of said work, in which I have insane amounts of things to get done. This includes:

  • three teleconferences
  • two meetings
  • one job description to write
  • several evaluation plans that I at least need to make some significant progress on
  • a progress report to finalize
  • a manuscript to submit6
  • a report to release
  • a bunch of qualitative data analysis to get done
  • a professional development workshop to attend7
  • various paperwork to complete8
  • and probably a bunch of other stuff that I’m forgetting

I also need to, at some point, buy a camera, organize my various piles of paper from school so that I can even find the stuff I need to bring with me, and pack anything I might need during a vacation of indeterminate length, and do the 10 km long run that I was supposed to do yesterday, but didn’t. I think I’m going to need a vacation from preparing for my vacation!

  1. Credit to Kalev for coining the word “work-cation”. []
  2. The stuff I have listed on my white board under “B-plan” is just a few of things I wanted to remind myself to do beyond that which is on our group’s Gantt chart. I didn’t have enough whiteboard space to include all the other stuff we have done/are doing. []
  3. Where “R&R” = rest and really-lots-of-school-work. []
  4. Who we haven’t seen since Christmas! []
  5. Job-related work, at least. []
  6. With any luck. Waiting on someone to review it. []
  7. This one is actually for school. We have to do 5 hours of pro-d stuff during the 28 months of our program, and one of them is being held on Thursday evening. []
  8. Like a timesheet, to make sure I get paid. And a mileage claim form, to make sure I get paid for that. And an expense claim form so I can get reimbursed for stuff. I suppose I really shouldn’t complain about the paperwork, since it all ends up as money in my pocket. []


My To-Do List Makes Me Want To Cry

I’m resurfacing after a weekend of classes! Had two exams this past weekend – marketing and IT management – and started three new subjects – stats1, strategy, and ethics.

Now, we only have one more weekend of classes2 before the summer break3, but look what we have to do in the time leading up to, and shortly after, the next weekend of classes:
To Do

I hate you, To-Do List. I hate you long time.

The only thing about this list that is keeping me from crying is that it’s all so freaking interesting! Well, except for Finance. I hate you, Finance. Hate you long time. But I love OBHR4, strategy is super cool, my group and I have picked a fascinating case  study to do for ethics assignment #2, and ethics assignment #1 is to write a personal career ethics plan, which totally rocks. And the Decision Brief is about a health care issue, so I’m excited about that too! If only I had three months to do this all in, instead of three weeks!

At any rate, expect blogging around here to (continue to) be pretty light. And if you know me in real life – well, see you sometime in July!

  1. Now, you are probably thinking, “Stats? Don’t you *teach* stats, Dr. Beth?” And you would be right. I do, in fact, teach stats. But stats is part of the MBA program, so I’m taking stats! Fortunately, the stats prof is amazing, so I spent most of the class writing down ideas that I can steal use in the stats class that I teach. Of course, I’m putting an insane amount of pressure on myself to get 100% on both my stats assignments because, holy hell, my honour and reputation as a sexy statistician is on the line! []
  2. June 22-24 []
  3. Where by “break” I mean “no classes, but a huge freaking group project to complete. []
  4. Organizational Behaviour/Human Resources. []


My Current “To Do” List for School

To Do List

Between that and my Dad’s upcoming surgery, expect posting to be a bit light around these parts!


My Moving “To Do” List

So here’s the “to do” list I came up with off the top of my head for all the things I need to do for my move:

Can you think of anything I’ve overlooked?