My To-Do List Makes Me Want To Cry

I’m resurfacing after a weekend of classes! Had two exams this past weekend – marketing and IT management – and started three new subjects – stats1, strategy, and ethics.

Now, we only have one more weekend of classes2 before the summer break3, but look what we have to do in the time leading up to, and shortly after, the next weekend of classes:
To Do

I hate you, To-Do List. I hate you long time.

The only thing about this list that is keeping me from crying is that it’s all so freaking interesting! Well, except for Finance. I hate you, Finance. Hate you long time. But I love OBHR4, strategy is super cool, my group and I have picked a fascinating case  study to do for ethics assignment #2, and ethics assignment #1 is to write a personal career ethics plan, which totally rocks. And the Decision Brief is about a health care issue, so I’m excited about that too! If only I had three months to do this all in, instead of three weeks!

At any rate, expect blogging around here to (continue to) be pretty light. And if you know me in real life – well, see you sometime in July!

  1. Now, you are probably thinking, “Stats? Don’t you *teach* stats, Dr. Beth?” And you would be right. I do, in fact, teach stats. But stats is part of the MBA program, so I’m taking stats! Fortunately, the stats prof is amazing, so I spent most of the class writing down ideas that I can steal use in the stats class that I teach. Of course, I’m putting an insane amount of pressure on myself to get 100% on both my stats assignments because, holy hell, my honour and reputation as a sexy statistician is on the line! []
  2. June 22-24 []
  3. Where by “break” I mean “no classes, but a huge freaking group project to complete. []
  4. Organizational Behaviour/Human Resources. []

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