My Moving “To Do” List

So here’s the “to do” list I came up with off the top of my head for all the things I need to do for my move:

Can you think of anything I’ve overlooked?

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  • You need to change your address with all kinds of places, UBC, your cell phone company, BC health, Driver's license (that can be done online), bank accounts etc… Good luck. Moving F**n sucks. It practically killed me last month. PS. Anything you don't want, just put on free stuff on craigslist. Seriously people come and take ANYTHING. Put up a notice the night before, say when you'll be home, your stuff will be gone within an hour. Don't bother posting early, answering tons of emails and arranging times to meet with people. Just say Sat 10 am – people will show up. It is sooo weird. Last weekend I rented a car to take stuff to Salvation army and didn't even need it because it all disapeared.


    • Yeah, I'm totally dreading changing my address everywhere. I figure I'll get Canada Post to forward everything and then update as things come in to remind me where I need to update. Thanks for the tip re: changing driver's license online! And thanks for the CL tip – most of the stuff I'm not taking is my old landlord's, but they need to get rid of it (they are also moving out now), so I'll talk to her and arrange that. I am going to try to sell my old countertop dishwasher, but other than that I'll just give stuff away.


  • Do you have any services you need to cancel from your old place? Hydro or anything like that, that you may not be hooking up at the new place?

    And are you booking cleaners for either place? I'd do that soon too (or schedule time – perhaps another day off – to clean).


    • I'm lucky on both counts. My hydro, etc. is included in my rent at both the old and the new, so I don't need to do anything there. And I don't have a landline, so no worries there.

      New place is spotless – the new landlords are great about that. And since my old place is getting torn up for renovation, I don't need to clean it! Which I'm ecstatic about, because there's nothing worse than being exhausted from the move and having to go back and clean!


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  • Rebecca has the right idea. My first thought was – where's the bottle of wine to enjoy while moving? And the bottle of wine to enjoy while unpacking? And the bottle of wine to enjoy while packing? Um, and the bottle of wine to celebrate the other 3 bottles?


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    • I couldn't use it in my current place because (a) it was too big for the counter and (b) the thingy you use to attach it to the tap wasn't compatible with my faucet. So it's just been sitting in my kitchen because I've been too lazy to sell it.


  • Buy a roll of bubble wrap. (You'll thank me later)

    Post Office Mail forwarding: [sarcasm]Good luck with that[/] – based on my experience 50% of your mail will not be redirected. Make nice with your current home's new owner to set stuff aside so you can come and pick it up.

    Remember to pack clothes in suitcases (that's why you bought them in the first place).

    Even though your old place is getting renovated, leave it clean and tidy. It's just good manners.

    Plan to finish all food in your fridge several days before the move. McDonalds and Wendys do nice salads.

    If friends are helping on moving day, make sure you have beer and pizza and wings and stuff (which means checking out the new neighbourhood in advance) .

    This is also a good time to sort through stuff and donate to the Sally Ann or Goodwill. I know, there's CL and Kijiji … you don't really have time to see if things will/won't sell … but you do have time to drop stuff off. This includes, btw, sheets. There's nothing like sleeping in brand new sheets. Treat yourself.

    Do you need to reserve the freight elevator at your new building?

    Banking: if you rarely set foot in the building and do everything online or via ATMs then stay with the current branch … you can switch later.

    If everything isn't in boxes 4 days before your move, panic. There are always a myriad of "who knew that would happen" things that you'll be dealing with in the last few days. For some reason there is a direct correlation between urgency to prepare something at work and proximity to moving day.


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