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Support Independent Media AND maybe win a weekend in Tofino!

So remember when I told you that you should support the Tyee, the award-winning Vancouver-based independent news magazine, to go national? Well I hope you have been procrastinating on actually doing that because have I got an offer for you!

If you go to this link to sign up to support the Tyee, then both you and I get entered into a draw for:

  • Two nights for two at BriMar Bed & Breakfast.
  • $150 gift certificate for Tofino’s popular Sobo restaurant.
  • A daytrip for two to Hot Springs Cove from Ocean Outfitters.

This is Tofino. Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you want me to go to there? Or maybe you could win the trip and then you could take me there!

Seeing as I’ve only been to Tofino to (1) jump into the freezing cold ocean in January and (2) run the most hilliest of half marathons ever, I think I really deserve a relaxing weekend there, don’t you? Of course you do. That’s why you are going to go to this link to support the Tyee.

So go to this link. Go there now!!


Happy Canada Day!

Don’t you just love when a holiday falls on a Monday? And don’t you extra super duper love it when it falls on a Monday and the entire long weekend has been super hot and sunny?

In honour of this glorious holiday, I give you a picture of me at the Pacific terminus of the Trans Canada highway.

Beth at the Pacific Terminus of the Transcanada Highway

I hope to visit the Atlantic terminus someday soon!


T minus 1 week to my next half!

Marathon Runners Are SexyBecause I am crazy, I decided to sign up for a half marathon that occurs on the only weekend I have off in a month1! Yet despite the fact that I am robbing myself of my only chance to sleep in for 32 days2, I’m still pretty excited about a weekend trip to Tofino – which is beautiful. My friend and long-time running partner, Alicia, and I are heading over on Saturday morning and planning to enjoy the day – fingers crossed the weather cooperates! We’ve signed up for the “carb-loading” dinner put on by the race organizers on Saturday night3, which I figure will be (a) a chance to meet some other people who are running in the race4 and (b) dinner in Ucluelet for less than $200 each.

The next day, Sunday, June 9, we run the race. June 9th was my dad’s birthday – he would have been 68 years old, so it seems appropriate to me to be running in my 8th half marathon. In his youth, my dad was a runner and I think of him often when I go running these days. I’m certainly going to be thinking of him next Sunday.

Believe it or not, despite having not even run this half marathon yet, Alicia and I have already begun to think of our next one! Since my training for this race has been minimal, due to the aforewhinedabout busy work and school schedule of late, I’m not planning on setting a personal best or anything – I’ll be happy with a finish5. But I’m thinking maybe for a fall race, I should get more dedicated and serious and see if I can’t get that elusive sub-2 hour half I’ve been dreaming about! Potential fall races include:

Did I mention that I’m crazy?

Tangentially related, why don’t you watch this old – but still hiliarious – Ikea ad?

Image Credit: Posted by Zervas on Flickr.

  1. In truth, I didn’t really clue into the fact that it would be the only weekend I’d have off from school between May 24 and June 21. I just knew I wanted to train for a half marathon this spring, and both of the Vancouver halfs (BMO Vancouver International and Scotiabank) were on weekends where I had classes  – or, I thought I had classes, in the case of Scotiabank, but it turned out in the end that I don’t have class that day, but I’d signed up for Edge-to-Edge by that point.), but the Vancouver Island Edge-to-Edge race, was not. []
  2. When you count the weekdays starting from the last  weekend I had off, which was the May long weekend. []
  3. I’m willfully turning a blind eye to the fact that you can’t actually carb-load the day before a race because that’s not how muscle physiology works! []
  4. *cough* single hotties *cough* []
  5. Though if last week’s 20 km, which was much stronger than I thought it would be, is any indication, I won’t be as bad as I was fearing I might. []
  6. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! []


Half Marathon #8 – I Have My Eye On You!

Edge to Edge marathon logoI put it on my list of goals for 2013 and, after much procrastinating and hemming and hawing, I have finally registered myself for the half marathon at the Edge to Edge in Tofino/Ucluelet in June, along with my friend Alicia! I started a bit late on my training and I have really only been doing about one run per week – but I’ve managed to do the scheduled long runs for the past 4 weeks. It’s week 11 of the 17 week training plan that I usually follow1, and I figure that now that I’ve registered I’ll be sufficiently scared motivated to do another run or two per week, in addition to the long runs.

This will be my first time doing the Edge-to-Edge and I’m really starting to look forward to it. For the uninitiated, Tofino/Ucluelet2 are on the west coast of Vancouver Island, which will mean the route will provide beautiful views of beaches and the Pacific ocean!

Here’s the description of the half marathon route:

It will be a Half Marathon filled with incredible scenery – crashing waves, beautiful views, beaches, and wildlife… expect it all!

This course will wind its way through the seaside village of Ucluelet with a portion of the course running on the spectacular Wild Pacific Trail! The trail is hard-packed and nicely graded with the most amazing views of the Pacific Ocean — absolutely breathtaking!

The course will start on the road and paved bike path for the first 15km of the race and then slip onto the Wild Pacific Trail for approximately 4km and then a 500m stretch along Big Beach (gravel path). Then it’s back on to the road thought the streets of Ucluelet for the final 2 km!

Now to find a place to stay in Ucluelet. Any suggestions?

  1. Where by “follow” I mean “I do varying levels of the proposed runs in said plan, but always the long runs. []
  2. You may remember Tofino from my 30th birthday surfing trip. I actually have not been back there since then! []