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A plague on both your retinas

I had my annual eye exam yesterday and, happily, everything is exactly the same as it was a year ago. In fact, I just read over my blog posting from last year’s eye exam and I could pretty much copy and paste it and it would be accurate for this year’s exam – my optometrist did all the same tests and said all the same things: my vision is still great, more than two years after my last laser eye surgery, my retinal latticing is still there, but hasn’t changed and she doesn’t really expect it too, but is keeping an eye on just in case. And I took another photo of my dilated pupils:

dilated pupilsMy optometrist showed me the pictures she took of my retinas, where you can just  make out  my retinal latticing – it’s slightly worse in the left eye than the right eye. Oddly, my right eye is also better in terms of vision – it’s 20/20, whereas my left eye is slightly less than 20/20 – even though the retinal latticing and the vision are in no way related. Fortunately, I’m right eye dominant, so if one eye has to be weaker, it’s good that it’s the left.

In related news, since my optometrist’s office is in my old ‘hood on the west side, I popped into Stong’s grocery store to see if they had any of my favourite coffee, as I’m running low. The last few times I’ve been there they didn’t have it in whole bean form, only in ground form, but since I’m running low I figured it was better than nothing. However, to my surprise, they not only had it in whole bean form, but it was on sale for $3 off! And they also had the decaf coffee I like1 on sale for $3 off! Needless to say, I stocked up on as many bags of coffee as I could get. Translation: I spent an unholy amount on coffee beans today, but I save $27 (!) and now have coffee supplies to last me well into next year!

  1. I use it half and half with the regular stuff so as to cut down on the amount of caffeine I consume. []


I Enjoyed Laser Eye Surgery So Much, I’m Doing It Again!

So, a while back I mentioned that, after having a few weeks of 20/20 vision after my laser eye surgery, my vision had regressed.  Well, it seems it has regressed far enough that I need to get “retreated.”  Yeah, like go through the surgery again.  Fortunately, as long as I do it within a year of the first surgery, I don’t have to pay for it again.

My vision isn’t that terrible – I mean, I’ve been functioning pretty much fine without any glasses, a feat that used to be unimaginable.  Before my surgery, I had a prescription in the -7 to -8 range in each eye, meaning that I couldn’t see anything past about half a foot in front of me.    My prescription now has regressed from the perfect vision I had immediately post-surgery to a -1.25 in my right eye and a -2.0 in the left.  With this level, I find there are a few situations where I notice things are fuzzy: driving at night, I can’t easily read the signs with the street names on them; going to a movie theatre, I need to sit a bit closer than I used to; walking down long hallways in the hospital (I work in a hospital), I really notice that I can’t see signs that I used to be able to.  Apparently needing retreatment is common in someone who was as blind as I was and the second surgery is less stressful (as you’ve been through it before), heals more quickly (not that healing time was a problem for me) and much more likely to result in perfect vision post-surgery that won’t regress.  *fingers crossed*

My surgeon wants me to wait until it has been 9-12 months post-surgery, just to make sure that my vision has stabilized.  It’s just approaching the six month mark, so I will have to live with my slightly impaired vision for another three to six months.  And I’ve decided to get a cheap pair of glasses to tide me over.  I know, I know!  I’m going back to my four-eyed-ness!

Of course, my extended health only pays for $225 for glasses/contacts every two years and I’m not up for more money until August 2009 – exactly when I won’t need them anymore!  As luck would have it, though, Karen told me about a place on the Internets where you can buy good quality glasses for ridiculously cheap.  Like $40 cheap.  It’s called Goggles4u and she’s had good luck with getting glasses from them, so I thought I’d give it a try.  You have to measure an old pair of glasses to figure out what size of frame will fit you and then you can upload a picture of yourself and “try on” the different pairs of glasses.  Here’s a few of the ones I tried on:


OK, that last one I tried on just for giggles.  Seriously, though, guess which pair I decided to purchase?

I’ll let you know how they work out when I get them (expected in about 10-14 days).