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Vote for Me (again)!

For the second year running, I’ve made it to the finals of Cath’s blog’s Comment of the Year competition! Basically, she picks the top comments from her blog over the past year and then lets her readers vote on the overall winner.

I think you know what to do.


Election Day!

As you would entirely not be able to tell from my blogging of late, today is a federal election in Canada. But despite my lack of blogging about the subject, I (like a surprising number of Canadians this time) have actually been quite engaged in this election: reading the actual platforms of the parties (as well as news articles/opinion pieces), watching the leaders’ debate, trying to figure out how best to vote to get rid of the Conservative in my riding, and talking to people IRL1.

And this morning before work, I went to the polls and did the most important thing of all: I voted!

Day 315

I love to vote first thing in the morning on election day, because there are never any lineups2. I didn’t vote in the advance polls because, like my friend Cath, I wanted to keep an eye on what the polls said right up until today, as my strategy was to vote tactically.

Also, it just wouldn’t be an election without me destroying a Conservative party brochure – see here and here and here and here for past iterations:

I have to say, I look mighty pleased with myself in that video.

And now I’m settling in for a night of election result watching!

Update (2 May 2011 – 10:49 p.m.) – This is entirely depressing. Contrary to the perception I had that everyone was *so engaged* in this election3, voter turnover was abysmal, with only ~55% of eligible voters showing up to vote. Thanks for nothing, 45% of Canadians who could have voted and didn’t.

  1. In real life. []
  2. I hear that there are usually big lineups later in the day, as most people tend to go after work instead. []
  3. A perception that came in part because that’s what the media was portraying and in part, I’m thinking, because I happen to hang around with (and follow on Twitter), the type of people who actually engage – clearly not a representative sample of Canadians []


Vote For Me!

Over on Cath’s blog, she picks her favourite comments every week for her “Bragging Rights Central.” Well, as it turns out, I’m in the running for “Comment of the Year” for the time I told the story of the cursed chocolate bar in response to one of her blog postings1 The final winner will be chosen by popular vote. The problem – I’m not allowed to vote for my own comment! The rules don’t, however, say I can’t lobby all y’all to vote for me. You’d think I’d be above such shameless self-promotion, but you’d be wrong.

So why don’t you mosey on over to Cath’s blog and vote for me?

</shameless self-promotion>

And while you are in the voting mood, why not go and vote for my friend Derek’s podcast, Inside Home Recording, in the Podcast awards?

  1. you can see my original posting on the cursed chocolate bar here. Then go here to see me bragging about making it into Bragging Rights Central here. []


Did You Vote Yet?

I went first thing this morning.  Voted in the election and the referendum on BC-STV.

You should go too. Go now!

Unless you don’t live in BC, aren’t at least 18 years old and/or aren’t a Canadian citizen.  Then no election for you!  Otherwise – vote!


Vancity BoD Elections – Time To Vote!

I received my voter card for the Vancity Board of Directors election in the mail today!

I’m a big fan of Vancity – I do almost all my banking with them (except for my student loans, which I can’t take out of the RBC without them losing their “student loan” status1 and some savings with ING2).  I have my chequing and my main savings account with them, plus my RRSPs (through their ethical mutual funds).  Should I someday be in the position to buy a place3, Vancity is where I’d be looking first to get a mortgage.

So, given my love of Vancity and my love of voting for things, I’m excited to be voting for the candidates on the Action slate for Vancity Board of Directors: Tod Maffin, Jan O’Brien & Hugh Legg.  You should check out their website!

1There’s two benefits to keeping the loans as “student loans” – one is that the interest you pay on student loans is tax-deductible. The second is that if you fall on hard times and can’t make your loan payment (and with so many people losing their jobs lately, it’s not unimaginable), you can apply for Interest Relief from the government (where the government pays your interest for you until you can get another job).
2ING had a promotion where they paid out double the interest from Oct-Dec 2008 if you put money into what would become a tax-free savings account effective Jan 1, 2009. And that deal was just too good to pass up!
3You know, like when my dad wins the lottery as he keeps telling me he is going to.



Here in BC, we are just a few months away from a provincial election.  Being TV-less, I haven’t seen the original ads, but apparently there are pro-Liberal*1 ads being run under the name “Vote Smart BC.”  And here, I’m providing you with the NDPs response to those ads:

We’re exposing the facts about the people behind the Vote Smart BC ads appearing around BC.

The Vote Smart campaign is run by the Independent Contractors and Builders Association, a lobby group that supports the BC Liberals and advocates to keep wages low and laws protecting working people weak.

Voters need to know the truth – and today we are launching a parody of their cartoon ad.

1Just like I put an asterisk next to the word “Tories” for the federal party (because they aren’t real Tories – they are the Reform-party-turned-Canadian-Alliance-who-stole-the-Progressive-Conservative-name), I put an asterisk next to the word “Liberal” for the BC Liberal* Party because they are anything but liberal.2
2Speaking of which – in May, vote Anything But Liberal (ABL)!
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Things For You To Vote For

We haven’t had an election to vote in for more than two months!  Shocking, I know.  With the next election not scheduled for another 116 days1, I’ve just been itching to get my vote on.  While not nearly as important as a federal, provincial or municipal election, I have three things that you can vote on.  You’re welcome.

1. Vote for Terrace!

CBC is letting you vote for Hockeyville 2009.  The winning community gets $100,000 to upgrade their local arena, plus an NHL pre-season game hosted in their arena, with a CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcast from their community.

One of the top 10 communities in this year’s contest is Terrace, BC.  Remember my former roommate, Danielle?  She’s from Terrace (a.k.a. a Terracite) . She thinks you should vote for Terrace.  I think you should vote for Terrace too.

Go here to vote to Terrace.

2. Vote For Your Favourite Restaurants!

The Georgia Strait is holding the vote for its annual Golden Plates award.  Go here to vote for your favourite Vancouver restaurants.

3. Vote for Saddlebacking!

Or, more accurately, vote for a definition of saddleback.”

Dan Savage needs your help.  He’s looking to come up with a definition for the word “Saddleback” and he’s got seven options for you to choose from. Read here to learn more.  Then email him to vote (as outlined in his article).  I, like Dan, recommendation definition number 5.   It’s so very appropriate!

1The possibility of another federal election being called once Parliament resumes later this month, of course, still looms.