Vancity BoD Elections – Time To Vote!

I received my voter card for the Vancity Board of Directors election in the mail today!

I’m a big fan of Vancity – I do almost all my banking with them (except for my student loans, which I can’t take out of the RBC without them losing their “student loan” status1 and some savings with ING2).  I have my chequing and my main savings account with them, plus my RRSPs (through their ethical mutual funds).  Should I someday be in the position to buy a place3, Vancity is where I’d be looking first to get a mortgage.

So, given my love of Vancity and my love of voting for things, I’m excited to be voting for the candidates on the Action slate for Vancity Board of Directors: Tod Maffin, Jan O’Brien & Hugh Legg.  You should check out their website!

1There’s two benefits to keeping the loans as “student loans” – one is that the interest you pay on student loans is tax-deductible. The second is that if you fall on hard times and can’t make your loan payment (and with so many people losing their jobs lately, it’s not unimaginable), you can apply for Interest Relief from the government (where the government pays your interest for you until you can get another job).
2ING had a promotion where they paid out double the interest from Oct-Dec 2008 if you put money into what would become a tax-free savings account effective Jan 1, 2009. And that deal was just too good to pass up!
3You know, like when my dad wins the lottery as he keeps telling me he is going to.

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