Bad Grad Student

Dave has friends visiting from out of town and I’ve been goofing off instead of writing my thesis. Bad grad student, bad grad student! On the plus side, I’ve been up to Lynn Canyon, over to Nanaimo & Victoria on Vancouver Island, watched Fantastic Four at the Silver City in Metrotown, where I also bought a cool new pair of shoes. On the negative side, I’m even less likely to get my thesis done for the end of August, which was initially my plan. Part of this was fueled by (a) the email I got from Grad Studies that tipped me off that the “deadline” of the end of August was really a soft deadline and basically I just needed to give them 4 weeks notice before I hand it in, (b) the fact that my supervisor went away on holiday (which she did tell me she was going to do a while ago, but I forgot) and won’t be back (and thus, can’t read the intro & discussion chapters) until August 5, and I really would need to give my completed thesis to one of my committee members by about Aug 5 so she could read it before she goes on her vacation, and (c) my own inate abiltiy to procrastinate (which forces me to go to the island, or, I dunno, writing this blog entry, instead of working on my thesis). But I’m going to go work on it, right now… honest!

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