The many facets of SOX

So, I’m trying to find out what SOX is an abbreviation for as I’m working through my lit review chapter, so I do a Google search for “SOX-9” (the particular transcription factor that I’m discussng) and I’ve learned a few things. (1) Apparently people who work on SOX-9 don’t feel the need to ever write out what SOX stands for… I’ve found this with a lot of the growth factors/transcription factors that I’ve been writing about, (2) the White Sox and the Red Sox have scored 9 runs in many of their games, and (3) I could have bought my Ph.D. dissertation off the internet instead of writing one myself. I’m not making this up!

Just go to Essay Town and you’ll find the following:

“Do you need a BRAND NEW, ONE-OF-A-KIND dissertation, thesis, research paper, essay, book report, or term paper on SOX9 Genes? If so, our SOX9 Genes experts can research and write a new, original, unique document–JUST FOR YOU–on the particular SOX9 Genes topic of your choice… Whether you are a high school senior in need of a 1-page, college admission essay, or a Ph.D. candidate in need of a 300-page dissertation, we have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to complete your order. ”

Just for a lark, I asked for an estimate on how much a dissertation would cost and this is what the site gave me:

Now don’t I feel like a schmuck wasting 5 years in the prime of my life actually doing my own work when for less than $5000 I could have had a dissertation in a week!

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  • Guess who found your blog (while procrastinating herself…)

    I will be reading your online article ASAP!

    When do you want us to do some editing???


  • Congrats Sarah! I think you are the first person to actually look at this blog!

    I will definitely be taking you up on your offer to edit ye ole thesis… I know I’ve said this the past two weekends, but I’m really sure that by the end of this weekend I will have a solid draft of the lit review chapter for you (I’m now up to 28.5 single spaced pages!)… and if I don’t have it done, I’ll just buy one of the ‘net. =)


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