Canucks vs. Canadiens — Battle of Canada?

In honour of our 6-2 thrashing of the Montreal Canadiens, I suggest everyone listen to this really excellent song: Making Love To The Vancouver Canucks.

This year we are undefeated while wearing our stick-in-a-box jerseys and we are 8-1 vs. teams from the East. Our record within our own division… let’s not go there.

Props also go out to the Ottawa Senators who humiliated Toronto with a 7-0 win. Gotta love anyone who shows T.O. what’s what.

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  • Yeah, we took Blaine and Colleen to the game on Saturday. They had no illusions that the Leafs would win, but they were hoping for, you know, maybe one Leaf goal. Not so much, though.


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  • I like “Battle for the term that denotes Canadian identity…”

    Yeah…the game was great for us NON-Leafs fans (of which Blaine was surprised to count me in the ranks). B and C could have procured free pizza but the taste of bitterness was too strong for them. After they left, Dave and I got the free food and toasted the Senators’ victory. Round two goes tonight…

    Let’s hope that at least ONE of the groups I’m rooting for wins this evening.


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