The Return of the Lake Monster

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last little while. Been a bit of a snag with my defence and it’s not going to be taking place on April 18th as originally scheduled. But such is life. Anyway, I’m back now and will be talking about things non-thesis related for the next little while… I really do need to pick a new name for this blog.

In happier news, Sarah and Dave will be here in less than 9 hours! Yay!

And Stacia, I’ll definitely loan you our lake monster, as my friends and I tamed him while in Kelowna. Here’s a pic of us riding him through Lake Okanagan:

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  • I’m so jealous!!! Madison has five lakes and no monsters. It’s just not fair.

    How does your degree work? You’re in science, so I know that’s different, but you’re also in Canada, so your program probably makes more sense than American programs. Do you still have to write a dissertation after the thesis?

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  • The fact that your lake monster is administering oral pleasure to one of your friends is very disturbing.

    Dave will be very jealous indeed!


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  • Stacia – We use “thesis” and “dissertation” interchangably… so once you write and defend the thesis, then you are done.

    Jorge – I told you we had *tamed* the lake monster.

    Katie – No grad students were harmed in the making of this photo.

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