Master of the Universe

First of all, I have to give a shout out to my friend, Shalu, who successfully defended her Master’s thesis yesterday! Yay!! From now on, we must all refer to her as “Master.”

Here’s a pic of our extended lab group from the post-defence, celebratory lunch.

In other news, Sarah & Dave are here! Yay!! So, if you want to know what I’m doing for the next week, just read Dave’s blog. (You should be reading Dave’s blog anyway, because it rocks).

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  • I hope you guys are having a great time. Make sure Dave avoids the hippies as much as possible.



  • Yes, we are indeed having a super wicked fucksocking awesome good time! (See Dave’s blog for more details about our good times, as I’m too lazy to write it all out and Dave does such a good job of it that I couldn’t do it justice anyway).


  • You guys fucksockin’ rock!

    I wish I was there.
    With bells on, even.

    When are you in my neighbourhood next, B?


  • No idea, J. It costs stupid amounts of money to fly to ON, so I don’t get out there very often. I will likely be in London, ON in June for a conference (all expenses paid! woo hoo!), but not sure if I’ll get to tack on extra time to spend with my fam in T.O. If not, maybe Christmas?


  • I’m saving up a big fucksockin’ hug* for you, in congratulations for all of your achievements, and just being plain awesome.

    * – Not to be confused with a hugsockin’ fuck, or a hugfuckin’ sock…


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