Fucksocks, Sarah & Dave Rock!

Sarah and Dave have left the province =( They are sadly missed.

We had a wicked good time while they were here, as Sarah & Dave TOTALLY ROCK!! If you ever have the opportunity to hang out with Sarah and/or Dave, I highly recommend that you do! They are two of the nicest, most generous and most fun (and hilarious) people ever and I really wished they lived closer to me!

As previously mentioned, you can read all about our adventures over at Dave’s blog. All I have to say about the matter is that I want to have Brendan Morrison’s babies. And Anson Carter’s. But not the Sedin twins — that’s just crazy talk.

Also, I got a pleasant surprize this morning when I checked my mailbox at school. I received a letter saying the following:

Dear Beth,

Congratulations! I am very pleased to formally announce that you won a 2005/2006 UBC Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching Award. With over 2000 teaching assistants at UBC, winning such an honour amoung your peers is a remarkable achievement.

And it goes on to talk about how wonderful I am. I actually co-won the award (presumably with a TA from Forestry, as my Faculty and the Faculty of Forestry are both very small Faculties and usually share the award), but my Faculty is topping me up to the full value of the award. So yay!!

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  • SQUEE!!! That’s so awesome! Congrats!!

    Thanks, too, for the kind words. It was our pleasure — you are an amazing host and a cool chick too.


  • Congrats on your award! Obviously, someone is paying attention to your rockage!

    As to the babies, I don’t know who this Anson character is, but I wouldn’t mind having his babies either. Or at least giving it a try. 😉

    Have a great weekend!


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  • Thanks guys!!

    Courtney – Anson is a hockey player on the Vancouver Canucks. He was the leading scorer on the team this year (and I’d like to be his leading scorer, if you know what I mean!)… I really like him because his style of playing is very much like my own and his jersey number is 77, my birth year.


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  • Katie – I am a Ms. I don’t believe in “Mrs.” – why should women have to declare their martial status in their names when men don’t? (To me “Mrs” = “Mr’s”)


  • Bethie,

    Best explanation of “Ms.” I’ve hever heard.

    With us, it’s usually my wife’s first name, and people just refer to me as that asshole over there.

    Congrats on the award. That’s so excellent. I hope that it is an atypical Canadian honour, and that you will be able to afford much more than a cup of coffe with it.



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