Prelude to an ARM research post

As per Courtney’s request, I did, in fact, conduct more ARM research while in Seattle this weekend. And, also, as per Courtney’s request, I will blog about it soon. But in the meantime I just wanted to post a link to this story I came across while checking out the playoff scores on the NHL website (since I was in the US of Eh*, where they don’t care so much for the hockey**, I was a bit out of the loop on the goings on of my favourite sport). I found this story kinda interesting because (a) I thought that Aggie hockey fans were the only cowbell-toting fans and (b) my friend Kim’s husband used to play for the Aces. I wonder if the cowbell thing is a new addition to the Aces and, if so, if Kimmy started it…. I mean, how many cows can they really have in Anchorage?

*props to Jorge for this one
**but everyone there was very excited about the Mariner’s game

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  • I don’t really know where you were trying to go with this blog but I will say that cow bells are not only a part of ECHL hockey. Most college hockey games are littered with clangs and bangs of cowbells. Your friend Kim did not start the cowbell trend.

    Go to some more hockey games before you publish an ignorant post.


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