Work Is For Jerks

I don’t wanna do my work! [stomps feet] And you can’t make me!!

I have forbidden myself from watching any clips from Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report or I-Film until I’ve finished revising my lit review chapter. You’d think that the looming deadline of needing to have the whole thesis revised by May 19 would be motivation enough to keep working, but I’ve had to resort such punitive action to keep myself from procrastinating*.

Plus, it’s sunny out. And a balmy 16 degrees! I’d much rather be outside doing… well, pretty much anything other than sitting in my dank, mouldy basement apartment doing thesis revisions. Boo!

OK, I’ll go back to work now. But I’m not happy about it.

*Writing this posting, of course, is not procrastinating. You’re procrastinating.

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  • Work IS for jerks. And procrastination is the key to a happy life, in my book. 🙂

    Go take a walk outside in that lovely weather. You’ll feel better for it.

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  • The end of the year comes at a really awkward time. REally, it should have ended months ago. That’s the humane way to go.

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  • Ah Jorge, if only life were that simple. That would require such advanced technology as a laptop. And, despite the fact that I do technically own a laptop, I do not currently have custody of said laptop. [insert angry grumbling here]

    Jay – Unfortunately, the year did end months ago and this new crappy one started. Although, come to think of it, last year was even crappier… sigh.

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  • Oh, all right – I’m procrastinating too! The laudry apparently isn’t going to do itself, and the groceries aren’t going to magically appear in my cupboards. Stupid reality!

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