My Shoes Are Coming, My Shoes Are Coming…

… and I’m still in the tub! (25 points to whoever gets that obscure reference!)

UPS has notified me that my glorious, glorious shoes have an ETA of May 11. Kinda sucks that I have plans to go out on May 10 and was hoping that I’d be able to wear them on that occasion, but such is life. I’ll just have to make more plans to go out again once the shoes have arrived. Apparently my shoes left Baldwin, CA at 21:50 today and arrived in LA at 22:14. Isn’t technology wonderful — I can get a minute-by-minute update of exactly where my shoes are!* Although it does seem odd that it is going to take them 6 days to get to Vancouver from LA — is the UPS delivery person going to be walking here in them? Don’t these people have planes??

And speaking of planes, I just booked a flight to Ontario today! I’m going for my last ever, all-expenses paid trip to London, ON for a Let’s Talk Science conference from June 9-11. And then, since my thesis will be out of my hands at that point and I’ll have nothing to do but wait, I will be spending two weeks in the T dot. I’m VERY excited to see my neice, Madeline, the greatest baby that ever lived (not that I’m biased or anything). And, of course, my other family and friends, who are also cool. Anyone who wants to see me while I’m in ON should speak now or forever hold their peace**.

And speaking of ON, I caught the end of the Senators game while having dinner at Nevermind tonight. I nominate Volchenkov as an honourary Canuck for the worst OT giveaway I’ve EVER seen! Plus, he’s ugly enough to be an honourary the Sedin twin.

And speaking of the Canucks, we signed Luc Bourdon, our 2005 1st round draft pick, yesterday. While he certainly doesn’t up the Canucks’s hotness quotient, he’s a pretty good player so I’m glad to have him on board.

*And yet we still have no cure for the common cold. Nor for ARM or ARE.

**The end of this sentence is in honour of the onset of wedding season. Stupid wedding season.

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  • I expect of picture of you in a short skirt and those new shoes posted immediately after their arrival.

    (And BAH! for wedding season.)


  • The African Lion Safari song! Woo! I think that’s 65 points I’ve got now.

    If you make it up to the O-dot, I know a certain cat that will jump on your bed while you’re sleeping and give you a back massage.

    Unfortunately, that cat is Jorge. Dude’s got appropriateness issues.


  • Dave, someday you will be able to redeem all your Thesis-Writing-Is-Hell points for fabulous prizes.

    I’m also going to give you 35 more points for the lines: “Unfortunately, that cat is Jorge. Dude’s got appropriateness issues.” That’s fucking funny.


  • WTF? You’re coming all the way to Ontario, and you’re just going to London? Tell you what: take a cab to Toronto* and you can meet up with Jorge and me. We’re each a good time. Together we’re a good time cubed. (It’s that weird new math thing.)
    Perhaps my girlfriend would come along and she could see that blogs aren’t a guy-mainly thing, which she may believe based on me constantly reading Dave’s blog and Jorge’s, etc. Perhaps you could even talk her into starting her own blog, which she’s toyed with doing, at least to feature some of the (wholly unintentionally) funnier stuff she gets from her students.
    Speaking of whom, I fear for the future of our race.


    *Yes, it’s two hours away, but Jorge makes the Mad I.T. Bux, so is good to cover the fare.


  • Reay – I am going to be in Toronto after I’m done in London “I will be spending two weeks in the T dot.” (T dot. That’s what the kids are calling Toronto these days). I’d be happy to try to talk your gf into starting a blog, if only because I love to hear stories about the crazy stuff that students do. Blogs are definitely not just a guy thing — in fact, tell her to check out my links to other blogs, which feature more XX bloggers than XY.


  • Bethie,

    If you are in T-Dot and don’t see me, I will never jump on you rback to give you a massage ever.

    Appropriateness issued be damned.

    Dave, I hear 150 points gets you a reacharound. From whom, though, I have no clue.


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