I heart Irony

Checking out my favourite blogs, I saw this book review on Academic Coach’s blog. It’s a book about procrastination. More specifically, it’s a book about how not to procrastinate. I immediate thought, “I need to get this book and read it immediately! I must drop all the work I’m doing right now and read this book in order to learn how not to procrastinate anymore.” If I were to write a book about how not to procrastinate, it would just say “Put down this book and get back to work!!” Ah… I really do heart irony.

In the interests of actually getting my thesis revisions done on time, I present you with the list of:

Things I’ve Had to Ban Myself From Doing:

  • watching clips of any TV shows on the net
  • looking at Mugglenet updates
  • reading archives of my favourite blogs
  • looking up anything on Internet Movie Database
  • playing around on Urban Dictionary
  • updating my weblinks page (which gives me easy access to all the things I like to do to procrastinate)
  • checking my email more than once per hour
  • initiating any conversations on messenger*
  • basically anything to do with the internet that doesn’t involve downloading academic papers from the library’s website
  • ever buying another black shirt**

In other news, congrats to the Vancouver Giants, the 2005-06 WHL champions! And Gilbert Brule, the WHL Playoff MVP! Go Giants!***

OK, I need to get in a solid 2 hours of work before I head out for my friend’s birthday dinner… although I do think I should call my sister, clean my kitchen and check out the archives of all my favourite blogs….

*I will, however, chat if someone messages me… it could be something important that they need to talk to me about!

**this has nothing to do with procrastinating… I just own way too many black shirts and way too few shirts with actual colour in them!

***Bandwagon jumper — I’m guilty as charged!

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  • Procrastination is my favorite activity. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to receive a degree in procrastination instead of one in education.

    Good luck with the work, though!


  • Let me save you some time and summarize my recent posts: knitting, knitting, my job, knitting, and reading. Hope that helped! 🙂


  • It’s hard to talk to you on messenger when you don’t tell me how to talk to you on messenger.

    Or are you avoiding me…

    Some impensioner you are…



    (I should probably have left that)


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