Hump at the Pump

On CFOX radio in Vancouver*, they do this thing called Hump at the Pump. Basically, they find two complete strangers and get them to make out at a gas station, pumping gas into their cars for as long as they keep making out. The radio guy pumping the gas gives a play-by-play over the radio and then they put the video of it up on the net (click here to witness an example of the debauchery).

So, the question is: would you make out with a complete stranger for free gas? Keep in mind that here in Vancouver, gas currently cost about $1.20 a litre. (For my American readers, 1 litre = 0.264 gallons… so we are talking like $4.50 per gallon).

*I’m willing to bet that they do this at radio stations in other cities too. Radio stations seem to be the same no matter where you go.

6 Replies to “Hump at the Pump”

  1. $4.50 A GALLON?!! Holy SHIT!! It’s up to $2.75/gallon here, and that about gives me a heart attack. I couldn’t imagine paying that much more.

    As it is, I’m currently wishing we had anything resembling public transportation around here.

    As to making out for free gas – I guess that would depend on who they match me up with. If he’s young and hot – it wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice!


  2. Man, I watched more of that video then I meant to.

    I’d have to say No to the Pump Hump. If the contest was to just outright hump the pump itself, we might have a deal.

  3. As it stands, making out with a stranger would involve me attaining the status of dead man courtesy of my wife.

  4. OK, for the purposes of this discussion, let’s say that, if you are married (or otherwise partnered), this is before you met said partner. What say you now, Jorge?

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