Hump at the Pump

On CFOX radio in Vancouver*, they do this thing called Hump at the Pump. Basically, they find two complete strangers and get them to make out at a gas station, pumping gas into their cars for as long as they keep making out. The radio guy pumping the gas gives a play-by-play over the radio and then they put the video of it up on the net (click here to witness an example of the debauchery).

So, the question is: would you make out with a complete stranger for free gas? Keep in mind that here in Vancouver, gas currently cost about $1.20 a litre. (For my American readers, 1 litre = 0.264 gallons… so we are talking like $4.50 per gallon).

*I’m willing to bet that they do this at radio stations in other cities too. Radio stations seem to be the same no matter where you go.

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  • $4.50 A GALLON?!! Holy SHIT!! It’s up to $2.75/gallon here, and that about gives me a heart attack. I couldn’t imagine paying that much more.

    As it is, I’m currently wishing we had anything resembling public transportation around here.

    As to making out for free gas – I guess that would depend on who they match me up with. If he’s young and hot – it wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice!


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  • Man, I watched more of that video then I meant to.

    I’d have to say No to the Pump Hump. If the contest was to just outright hump the pump itself, we might have a deal.

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  • As it stands, making out with a stranger would involve me attaining the status of dead man courtesy of my wife.

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  • OK, for the purposes of this discussion, let’s say that, if you are married (or otherwise partnered), this is before you met said partner. What say you now, Jorge?

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