For those with a Beth-in-sexy-shoes fetish…

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately — have been working frantically to try to get the thesis revisions done, with no time for such things as eating proper meals, sleeping or blogging. Still working on the revisions, but getting there. Was very burnt out and so actually did some partying this weekend (full report on that to come once I’m done with the revisions). But I just HAD to make this quick posting because I now have, as requested, a pic of me in my new shoes!

10 Replies to “For those with a Beth-in-sexy-shoes fetish…”

  1. Wow. My fetish just exploded.

    Those shoes are hot, Beth. I bet they look even better when they’re the only things you’re wearing.


  2. Yes.
    I had that idea.

    But I can’t show you the picture because you will laugh too hard at how weird I look in Beth’s shoes.

  3. Very cute, and not just the shoes.
    Glad to see you haven’t morphed into a troll what with all the hole-ing up and working feverishly.

  4. Beth, yeah! They remind me of the days of my ‘professional shoes’ (Ask Smac)!

    I can’t get away with those at all, because they put be about 2 inches taller than the average male. So jealous.

  5. Beth –> I hope you fulfilled that fantasy for someone. I, personally, went with the ‘nothing but a bottle of tequila’ decoration this weekend.

    That also seemed to work.

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