My Kingdom For A 24-Hour Grocery Store

Why, oh why, did I not notice that my bread expired two days ago until 3 am? All I wanted was a lousy peanut butter sandwich to help me through this long, long night of thesis revisions. Oh thesis revisions, how I hate you. And I’m not the only one:

Thanks to those sweethearts who made their messenger names and tag lines reflect my misery. You give me the strength to go on, knowing that you care!

And thanks to all the sweethearts for their kind comments about the much awaited photo of me & my shoes… your stroking of my ego is much appreciated!

Have you ever been so tired that every bone in your body aches?

7 Replies to “My Kingdom For A 24-Hour Grocery Store”

  1. I have no feelings about your thesis – unfortunately, I have a problem with commitment, and that means I don’t get attached to anything.

    Except that picture of you in the shoes. Yummy.

  2. Well, if you like that pic, wait ’til u see the pic of me in those shoes and a hockey jersey! Of course, I don’t have that pic yet (it is on a friend’s camera – he’s supposed to send it to me)… but I remember demanding that the pic be taken and then showing it to everyone who showed up at the party thereafter. I may have been a slight bit inebriated at the time.

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