Shout Outs

I’m really fortunate that I have a lot of good friends. Good friends who will help me out on a moment’s notice and do it with smiles on their faces.

To Erika, who not once, but TWICE in the last week, borrowed her dad’s truck in order to spend hours and hours helping me move from my old place to my new place and then to take 300 kg* of garbage to the dump!

To Kalev, who not only came out to spend hours and hours moving my crap into Erika’s truck and then unloading it all at the dump**, but then bought us dinner!!

To Shalu & Deepak, who also helped move stuff to my new place and then also drove all the way to my old place to loan me a vacuum so I could actually clean up before I left!


*For my American readers, 300 kg = 661 lbs!***

**Which is surprisingly therapeutical, I might add. You get to throw things. When we had unloaded it all, we wished there was more garbage ‘cuz the throwing was so much fun. Especially when stuff shattered.

***And this is on top of the 500 kg that had already been brought to the dump, the various stacks of paper that I had put out for recycling and the huge bags of clothing that I donated to charity. This is what happens when you are a pack rat – the things you own end up owning you! But the purge was therapeutic and I’ve turned over a new leaf! No more pack rat!!

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