Random Things That I Think Are Cool

In no particular order, here is some random cool stuff:

  • If you add a bunch of Mentos into a bottle of pop, it makes this wicked pop explosion. We use it to demonstrated some principles of chemistry to kids. A friend of my recently sent me this link to a video of some people who took this demo to a whole new level — definitely worth checking out: http://eepybird.com/dcm1.html. Isn’t this wicked cool?

  • I just bought this cute little magnet, sort of an early Canada Day present for myself:

Isn’t it cute?

  • A little while ago, Jorge posted a link to a site that will make a graphical representation of a website…. here’s what my blog looks like:

Isn’t it pretty?

  • The other night we had our UBC Let’s Talk Science Annual General Meeting. My fellow coordinators totally surprized me with some really kind words about my work with the program over the past several years and with some amazing parting gifts! They gave me an iPod nano AND a Canucks T-shirt with the stick-in-a-box logo on it (which I had been looking for for ages and could never find!

Aren’t I spoiled?

  • And speaking of cute shirts, check out this cute shirt I gave my neice:

Isn’t that adorable?

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