Take the Luongo Way Home*

In my recent absence from the blogosphore, I didn’t get a chance to comment on the big trade! Big Bert down to Florida, along with Alex Auld** and Bryan Allen, for ROBERTO LUONGO and some other random. We finally have a goalie! A real freakin’ goalie!!! I mean, we’ll miss Bert, Alex & Bryan, but we’ve needed a goalie for soooo long!! And not only did we make the trade, but we’ve also signed Luongo to four year deal! Go Canucks!!

*Do any Haltonians get the reference in that title? It’s an obscure one, so it’s worth 50 points to the first person who gets it right (and since Dave is off in Transylvania right now, someone else might actually stand a chance of winning).

**although I do wish we’d kept Auld as the backup and traded that overpriced choker, Cloutier, instead.

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