Not An Update on Canucks Trades

Apparently there is more to life than updates on Canucks trades, which is all my blog has consisted of lately. So, this weekend I’m headed up to my friend Erika’s parents’s cabin* with a bunch of other scientists, to relax, boat, swim, drink, chop wood** and discuss the future of science. You know, typical camping stuff***.

Oh ya, must give a shout out to Erika & Paul, who just got engaged! Congrats guys!!

Also, in the realm of excitement, next week is my half birthday! As of next Tuesday, I will only have six months left in which I can truthfully**** call myself a twenty-something. Festivities are being planned for the following weekend — I’ll keep you posted as plans progress.

Anyway, I should probably get going as we are leaving for the cabin this afternoon and I have yet to pack and such.

P.S. To all the guys who showed up at the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean last night dressed up as pirates — Johnny Depp can get away with wearing eyeliner. You cannot.

*out in the Interior somewhere, I think. Somewhere near Merritt. I don’t actually fully know where it is… I’m just getting in a car and letting other people worry about such things as directions.

**our required payment for the use of the cabin.

***but we probably won’t get to have a camp fire, due to all the forest fires. This sucks, because I love camp fires. But on the bright side, I don’t have to be jealous of everyone else roasting marshmallows (full of gelatin-y goodness that my vegetarian sensibilities preclude me from taking part in).

****altho I figure I can untruthfully call myself a twenty-something for at least a couple of years yet.

4 Replies to “Not An Update on Canucks Trades”

  1. Out of your twenty-somethings? Now, I don’t want to say the word ‘cougar’, so I’ll just say ‘predatory older lady rolling in the sweaty loins of young boys.’

  2. Hey, looking young while admitting your actual age can be fun. No one believes you anyway. The thirties aren’t so bad (although I constantly forget I’m in my 30s: I think it’s a sign of old-age).

  3. “…rolling in the sweaty loins of young boys”

    I say, bring ’em on!

    Stacia – good point! I love it when people don’t believe my age (and no one ever guesses my age unless I tell them how much school I’ve done and they can do math)

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