I ovulated!

I mentioned a little while back that I am a guinea pig in a friend’s study. As an update on that, (a) my collection of urine samples in my freezer* is almost complete and (b) according to my basal temperature calendar, I ovulated this month. I know you were all dying to know that information.

But the reason I’m blogging about this** is because I now have a choice to make: for remuneration, I can get a $20 gift card to Starbucks or a $20 gift card to London Drugs… which should I take? If I take the London Drugs card, I can buy something practical, like toothpaste***. I absolutely abhor Starbucks coffee****, but I do enjoy their soy chai lattes and banana frappuccinos- although they are too expensive for me to justify buying them… a $20 gift card would buy me like 5 of them. So, do I go practical or do I go fancy coffee route?

*now none of you will ever want to come over to my house for dinner, will you?

**which isn’t to weird you all out, which I’m sure it is.

***as it is not enough to buy myself something impractical, like the digital camera I keep lamenting my lack of.

****which tastes like cigarette butts

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  • Go with the Starbucks card – you’ll always need the staples, but sometimes you need to splurge on a pick-me-up treat.


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  • I am going against popular opinion and saying: GO LONDON DRUGS!

    The reasons are threefold:

    a) You will soon be in the US, away from anything OTHER than Starfcuks. It is unlikely that you will be able to use your card in the US, so you’d have to burn it now.
    b) You can buy wacky, non-practical stuff at the drug-store, too. Splurge on that crazy thermometer!
    c) Starfcuks really, really sucks.

    Also — I am bringing my own popsicles when I come visit. It’s not the Australian outback, and I don’t need that kind of surprise!


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  • Do the Starbucks! If you’re getting rewarded for something that we women do once a month, do it with luxury, not practicality!



  • Well, I decided to go with popular opinion and get the Starfcuks card (even though JWo had an excellent point that you get a great deal, a great deal more at LD and Sarah had an excellent point that Starfcuks really does suck, with the notable exception of soy chai lattes, of which I will now get 5).

    My word verification is “gikfee”… I’m not sure what a “gik” is, but apparently there is a fee for it.


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