Deep Thoughts

I’m glad that there is a “ladies only” section at the gym. Because most of the women go there and then I end up being the only female in a room full of ripped men. Silly women, don’t you know that all the hot boys are out here??

2 Replies to “Deep Thoughts”

  1. Silly, silly girls. What are they thinking?

    I’m sure you’re like me – wherever the most men are, that’s where I can be found.

  2. Yes, Courtney, you and I are of one mind on this matter.

    The gym I go to (for which I received a free two week pass) is a chain and I was told that the best guys go to the one down by city hall. But I go to the one in Kits and the guys there are smokin’, so if the city hall one really has better guys, I think my head will explode.

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