Pot Lucks and Pub Crawls

Apparently it’s party season*. I have four outstanding party invites outstanding at the moment**. This Saturday I have a holiday potluck for the lab in which I used to be an unofficial member/official hanger-on. My mom gave me a holiday recipe magazine when she was here that has some fantastic recipes that will be sure to wow everyone… if only I could figure out where I put the magazine. Also on Saturday is a party to celebrate a friend’s passing of his PhD qualifying exam. Kalev is going to bring his shot syringe that he won when we went to a free screening of Turistas… I’m very excited about that. I mean, who wouldn’t want to inject 1, 2 or 3 shots directly down their throats?? The last time I went to a student-run party after a lab party was the day of the Hockey Jersey party***… so between that precedent and the shot syringe, I think it will be quite the par-tay.

December 16th marks the anniversary of Erika’s birth (correction: E’s b-day is actually Dec. 15th) and the date of her”12 Bars of Christmas” pub crawl. That is expected to be just as wicked as it sounds. Two days after that**** I have another potluck, to which I was instructed that I am to bring a cheesecake. Specifically, a cheesecake like this one:

There’s also a New Year’s party, the details of which I don’t yet have. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more festivities arise in the coming days as well.

*If you don’t believe me, check out these pics.

**Yes, that sentence does so make sense.

***most of which I don’t remember.

****which should be just enough time to have recovered.

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  • I love parties!! Especially holiday parties, where everyone is so jolly and drunk!

    Except that everyone wants me to bake something, and I just don’t freaking have enough time. (I’m feeling a bit like Scrooge today.)

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  • Okay, totally playing catch-up here.

    Nov 27th – Awesome snow rat, although I think the overhead shot on the sidebar really does it justice.

    Nov 28th – If you’re only hearing about Taylor Pratt’s wife just now, he’s clearly not that into her.

    Nov 30th – I love that you’re still wearing the shoes in your luxurious Fairmont robes. Also: I’m like “Rob Feenie! Iron Chef!!” and she’s like “Nope, never heard of him! made me pee.

    And Dec 6th – I hope the “12 Bars of Christmas” pub crawl lives up to it’s name, which is to say that I hope you remember to put the Christ back in the 12 Bars of Christmas… By saying something like: “Jesus Christ, I drank myself blind!”

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  • It’s a proud day in the touchyoulast household.

    Dave cannot spell the last name of your long lost (and yet, not yet hitched) love, Taylor PYATT. And he is resorting to using the titles of lame, girly self-help books for punchlines.

    I blame the cheap, cheap booze. And please wish Erica a happy b-day for me!!

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  • Meh, it’s ok that he got Taylor’s name wrong… I’m so over him.

    But the misspelling of Erika’s name… I don’t know about that! 😛

    And Dave “resorting to using the titles of lame, girly self-help books for punchlines” totally made me laugh!

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