January Wrap Up

Two things about January:

  1. I did, in fact, post something every single day in January. And twice on the 10th.
  2. The only game in the entire month of January where the Canucks didn’t get at least one point was on my birthday.

In other news, my future husband, Marc Chouinard, scored his second goal as a Canuck tonight. Danielle got to go to the game and I am just a wee bit jealous. I listened to the game on the radio and it sounded very, very exciting!

Also, the release date of the last Harry Potter book has been, uh, released. July 21, 2007! w00t!! When book 6 came out, I preordered it from Chapters* so that I would receive it on the day it came out… and I read it from cover to cover, starting from when the letter carrier put it into my hot little hands at about noon until I was done at about 3 am the next day, having only taken two breaks – one to walk to the store to buy diet Pepsi and one to make myself something to eat. I also rode my exercise bike for 6 hours that day… I would ride it for an hour while reading, then sit on the couch for an hour while reading, and then repeat. That made me feel like I wasn’t being a total sloth by just sitting still for 15 hours straight. Hmm… I don’t have that exercise bike anymore… will need to come up with a new method for July 21!

Yup, first post of Febrary = phoning it in.

*Also, if you pre-order right away, you get it for half price.

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  • Okay, so here’s something you can talk about: have you seen the pictures of Daniel Radcliff that are making the rounds of the internets? Your thoughts? Dirty-hott or dirty-pervy?


  • Now that book 7 (and the FINAL book) is coming out, I think I’ll start reading the series. I just HATE waiting for the next installment in book series!


  • R – Yes, I have seen those photos. Definitely dirty hott!! He’s of age! I mean, that would definitely put me in Cougartown, but I’m OK with that.

    C – Yay! I’m so jealous of you, because you get to read the books for the first time, and they are soooo good!!


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