Google Reader – or Why I Never Read Your Comments Anymore

Thanks to Phillip, I finally joined the 21st century and started using Google Reader to keep track of all of the blogs I read, instead of clicking on the links on my blogroll individually. On the plus side, it sure beats clicking through my entire list and being disappointed when I find that no one has posted anything new. This way, I go to a single page and get disappointed all at once when I see no one has posted anything new. One stop shopping*.

But the downside to this is that I read far less of the blog comments than I used to. When I was going directly to the blogs, I would see how many comments there were and could just click to read them. Now I have to click on the link to the posting in Google Reader to even see if there are comments yet, then click to read them. That’s an awful lot of clicking. And so I usually only make that herculean effort if I have something to say. Which is a shame, because I’m sure I’m missing out on some good comments. I was talking to Katie** earlier and she said that she felt there are a lot less comment on blogs these days…. are other people finding this too?

*Except for Jody’s blog, which doesn’t seem to allow me to subscribe to it. Hmph.

**I can’t linked to Katie ‘cuz she took down her blog. 🙁

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  • Some better blogging websites like blogger allows you to subscribe to feeds of comments.

    But sadly not all the blogging sites have this service.


  • Do they allow you to subscribe to all the comments that come on a single blog… or do you have to subscribe to the feeds of each posting’s comments individually? Hmmm… perhaps I should just try it out, eh?


  • My comment numbers have gone down considerably over the last year. But I think that can be mostly attributed to my lack of new postings these days.

    Ah well. At least the old regulars (like Beth!) are still commenting!


  • Dear Beth,

    I am very sorry about my blog’s misbehaviour. I think it is acting out b/c I don’t pay it enough attention.

    For instance, no comments are allowed. stupid, eh? I know we had to go into lockdown to keep spambots away*, but now it’s like I need you to fax me a copy of your birth certificate and a note from your mom before you can post. Seriously. sorry.

    You _should_ be able to subscribe to the feed though, it’s at

    *I don’t need any Viagara, thank you, my boners are just fine.


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