I’m 55% Claudia Schiffer

I noticed that Kelly had a “My Celebrity Look-alikes” posting on Facebook. MyHeritage.com will put your picture through a “face recognition” program that will tell you which celebrities you look like. So, of course, I just had to try it out myself. They tell you that, for the best results, you are supposed to use a photo in which you are looking directly into the camera (meaning that my patented 3/4 profile with head tilt that I do in almost all of my photos wasn’t going to cut it). I found a few useable photos and the first one that I used gave me the most ridiculous celebrities that it claimed I look like, including, I kid you not, a 56-year-old bald man. Unhappy with the results, I did what all great scientists do – I scrapped it and did it over. Photo #2 gave me “no matches” – as did photos 3 and 4! Photo #5 gave me some more reasonable celebrities – and by “reasonable” I mean ones that I wouldn’t mind looking like*, not ones that I actually believe I look like. Judge for yourself:

Notably, there wasn’t a single person who matched up with my first photo that matched up with my other photo. I was starting to doubt the reliability and validity of this so-called “face recognition” software. Also of note was that neither list included the two celebrities who I’m always told I look like, Emily Watson:

and Kellie Martin:
This whole thing reminded me of a posting that Dave did ages ago. Dave, if only you’d waited, you could have used this “face recognition” software that would have given you a list of celebrities that you don’t really look like at all.

*well, except for Tori.

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