Weekend in the Mountains

Since every Calgarian that we have asked, “hey, what’s good to do around here?” has told us (a) “you should come here during Stampede in July!”, or (b) “um, leave Calgary”, we decided to take them up on option (b) and spent the last two days in the mountains. We visited a number of places, including Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise in Alberta and Field & Golden in BC.

This is the view outside the hostel we slept at last night, in Field, BC:

And this was a stop sign we saw in Golden, BC:

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  • Hi Beth:

    Nice pics. I notice that your occupation is a social engineer. What is a social engineer? I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer, but I don’t think (grin) that they are related! 🙂

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  • You guys need to put less starch in your shirts if you walk around with your hands up all the time.


    Great tales!

    Looking forward to more!

    Patricia – a social engineer?

    Well, take a mechanical engineer, and replace the word mechanical with social and there you have it!

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