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One Week ‘Til The Half Marathon

If you were at a certain birthday party on the beach today, you would have heard the following exchange:

Person #1: So, are you guys carbo loading?
Person #2: Do bellinis count?

Guess which person was me in that conversation?

2 Responses to One Week ‘Til The Half Marathon

  1. Kelly says:


    Carb load for-sure-for-sure within thre days o’ the race!

    Last year I trained for 6 months to run a 30K race in March. Three days before the race was a Coldplay concert, which I went to, and proceeded to drink and drink and drink at. mmmm, yummy beer…

    Three days later? Still dehydrated and the race was ROUGH!

    Are you excited? I’m excited! Are you excited!?!???

  2. Courtney-O says:

    I think bellinis definitely count!!

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