The internets hate me

Since Telus isn’t sending someone to fix my non-functioning connection to the internets until SATURDAY, I’m writing this posting up really quickly on my lunch at work. So y’all will have to wait for a proper recounting of my camping trip. Here are some pretty pics1 to tide you over until then.2

And since I apparently work in 1997 and don’t have Javability on my work computer, my apologies to all my Scrabulous opponents – I can only partake of our Scrabble games on occasions where I manage to either (a) insinuate myself into other people’s homes to use their Java-capable computers with functioning internet connections or (b) trek with my laptop to a coffeeshop with wireless access. And did I mention that the only coffeeshop where I can access wireless that is within walking distance of me closes at 6 pm?

1The pics aren’t properly organized in my Flickr, as I uploaded them on shaky coffeshop wireless, which kept wigging out on me in the middle of my upload. So I think I have several photos uploaded more than once and other ones not uploaded at all. Stupid shaky coffeeshop wireless.

2Granted, I could write it up at home and then just bring it to work on my memory stick to post from here, but I’ve been much too busy to do that. Last night I had dinner and played with a Wii for the first time (clarification: first time playing with a Wii, not first time having dinner); tonight Alicia and I are going to pretend that we are training for our respective half marathons by going for an 8K run along the beach, then dinner; tomorrow I have coffee that somehow got upgraded to drinks (or maybe even dinner, I’m not exactly sure!)… and all that makes me tired just thinking about it!!!