Sugar Daddies, Inc.

So I just saw an ad for this:

From their site:

Seeking Millionaire is the premier Millionaire dating site.

The premier site for millionaire online dating. Not one of those cut rate ones.

You know, you’d think with all those millionaires paying to be on this site, they be able to afford and editor to tell them that the second “millionaire” in that sentence shouldn’t be capitalized.

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  • “they be able to afford AND editor”

    Oops. Ironique, non? 😉

    And I’m pretty sure that, as a brand name, both letters capitalized is correct syntax (syntaxically correct?)


  • OK, that is funny. But please not ethat I am not a millionaire, and thus can’t afford an editor.

    And I agree that the first “Millionaire” in that sentence should be capitalized, since “Seeking Millionaire” is their brand name. But does that really extend to to second usage of the word “millionaire,” where they refer to themselves as a “millionaire dating site”? I admit I could be totally wrong on this…


  • You’re very not wrong. The second one is only being capitalised because they’re being pretentious and non-grammatical.


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