Hallelujah, It’s Raining (Garbage) Men (and Women)

In keeping with my recent, and what will hopefully be short-lived, trend of being the last to report on a long-broken piece of news, did you know that the Vancouver garbage strike ended this week, after almost 3 months? Which is unfortunate for my local Home Hardware, who had a sign proudly announcing:


Not unlike my reporting, it’s just too little, too late!

Sadly, though, in order to catch up on the backlog of smelly garbage, the garbage collectors are not picking up recycling for two weeks. And since my landlord was getting rid of our garbage1, we don’t have a trash backlog at our house, but I am drowning in recycling. Unwilling to follow my mother’s advice of “Just throw it all in the trash!”, I had bags and bags of cans and bottles and plastics and paper fill my kitchen. I was seriously thinking I was going to have to move out soon, since there is almost no room left in my tiny suite!

Anyhoo, there’s my much belated report on the end of the garbage strike2.

1I have no idea how. I put my garbage outside in the garbage bin and it disappeared. I decided to adopt a don’t ask, don’t tell philosophy.
2In reality, I just liked that title that I thought of like halfway through the strike, was waiting and waiting to use and then, once the strike was over, got too busy to write this post until now.

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