The saddest half marathoner ever

Click here to see photos of the saddest looking half marathoner ever.

Of course they didn’t get any photographs of me *before* I hurt my foot, when I was actually running. Instead, I get three photos of me limping along, looking all sorry for myself.

In happier news, my foot now feels 100% better. It was getting very slightly better each day last week, then I played hockey on Sunday and it really hurt Sunday night, so I iced the hell out of it and by Monday it was 97.5±0.5% better. Anyway, lesson learned – if you ever plan to run a half marathon, train for it. That’s right folks, you heard it here last.

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  1. Heard it here last, indeed!

    Oh my gods, you look like you are trying to levitate with the power of your mind alone! *snarfle*

    You have to get one of those, frame it, and use it as a talisman to remind yourself not to be hard on your precious body!

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