The Bestest T-Shirt Ever

‘member a long, long time ago I bought a T-shirt from T-shirt And then I asked y’all to guess which one I bought? And then I left you hanging for over 2 months without telling you which shirt I bought? Well, wonder no longer – I finally got around to taking a pic:


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  • Okay, so I’ve thought about a drawback to the new Blogger feature of subscribing to follow-up comments via email: before you can subscribe, first you have to post a comment! Gah!

    Oh right, the shirt…. uh, funny?

    Ha ha… well happily I didn’t have to wait 2 months. It was probably more like 4 months, anyway. Or 8.


  • I *adore* that t-shirt. And funny how things go, I wanted to get a t-shirt that said “I’m not gay. My boyfriend is”. But I am now tempted to get one that says “I’m not gay. But your husband is. And I can attest to that”. Hehehehe (that’s for the woman who married my ex)


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