You Must Have At Least $2.50 To Attack This Skytrain Rider

My thoughts on this article: Free rides approach end of the line on SkyTrain

There may be no more free rides for fare-evaders on the Lower Mainland’s SkyTrain system now that B.C.’s transportation minister is pushing to have gates or turnstiles installed at all stations.

There is still no official plan is place, but Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon said Thursday a system could be up and running sometime in 2008.

There’s no official plan in place, but it will be up and running sometime in the next 13 months. Why do I find this hard to believe? Hmm…. perhaps because even when they do have an official plan, projects routinely take years longer to complete than they are supposed to. Translink and UBC were supposed to have an underground bus loop at UBC finished like two years ago and they’ve only just started it this fall. Or I think they’ve started it. They put up a fence around the area at least.

Turnstiles would make the system safer by keeping those who don’t pay out, said Falcon.

“Young women in particular feel much safer when they’re in what’s called a controlled area, an area which has controlled access through gates or turnstiles,” said Falcon.

Awesome. Now I can only be attacked by someone who has $2.50 to get passed the turnstile. Because you know if someone has $2.50, they are good people.

“Generally, thugs, punks, whatever they may be, [who] don’t pay to go cause trouble for other people,” he said.

Damn thugs and punks. And don’t even get me started on ne’er do wells.

Falcon said the new plan is to have a company install the barriers for a share of the revenue.

Great. So now the overburdened, underfunded public transit system will be giving up some of the money to a private company to put in turnstiles. And/or they will jack up the cost of using public transit to make up the difference of what they have to give to the private company.

Oh yes, and speaking of Skytrain, go to Mayor Sam Sullivan’s website to vote on if you think the Skytrain should be extended to UBC campus!

Wicked cool pic taken from the Skytrain by this guy, from here. Hooray for Creative Commons licenses!

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  • michael has actually often said he thinks I should run TransLink, which always tickles me pink… I would be the best TransLink showrunner EVAR!

    What you don’t want transit in your fancy neighbourhood? Too bad, rich bitches and bastards: blamo! Sky Train is in your backyard? “Say No to Granville Highway you fucktards? Okay then, Granville Street is now bicycle- and transit-only!”

    Community shuttles driven by non-union drivers? Not on MY watch, assholes!

    Fare hikes? How about fare rollbacks? “See, not only Wal-Mart does rollbacks!”

    Hello massive parking stall tax! But not on fucking drive-in theatres because I’m not an imbecile.

    Hello more gas taxes! Hello way more property taxes!

    Hello Sky Train to UBC, under-fucking-ground none of this cut and cover bullshit, by 2015! Maybe 2012, even!


  • Actually, several news broadcasts I saw yesterday all made mention of 2010 being the goal for the turnstiles — Those similar to the European versions.

    I’d love to see the route extended to UBC!!


  • When I first moved here from Ontario, I was astounded to find out that Skytrain didn’t go to UBC. Being familiar only with Toronto and Montreal, where the subway and the metro go to the universities, I just assumed the Skytrain would too. Something on the order of 50,000 people go to UBC everyday during the school year, it only makes sense that they should have a Skytrain going there.


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