Moosecamp ’08

Here I am at Northern Voice! I’ve actually been here since 9 a.m., but it’s taken me this long to make my lovely computer connect to the internets. Well, it said it was connected 3 hours ago, but wouldn’t actually let me see any, like, websites. After the fourth person in a row that I asked for help said, “PC? You should just buy a Mac,” I decided to take a coffee break and it appears that the old “turn it off, turn it back on again” computer cure-all worked.

So now that I’m all connected, check out this cool photo of me, taking a photo of my name tag. That was at last night’s Tiki Party – it was at the Waldorf hotel – a place I’ve never heard of that has a super cool Polynesian room. But I digress…. the thing with a name tag at a blogging conference is that you tag yourself, on your name tag. You may remember name tag from last year. Here’s this year’s version:

Also of note, since I’m volunteering again this year, I get to wear a sheriff’s badge.  You know you are jealous!  I’ll post a pic of that later, as I haven’t quite gotten around to taking a pic of that, what with the spending all my time trying to make my wireless work.

What I did take a picture of for all y’all is the building this conference is in.  It’s the Forestry building.  My task as a volunteer this morning was to tape up the signs saying where the rooms are… but the instruction “You can’t tape anything to the wood.”  In the *Forestry* building.  Ya, good times.

OK, I’m going to go grab some lunch.  Free lunch!

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