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Bloggy bloggy blogginess

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here. The thing you’ve all been waiting for. Northern Voice has arrived!

OK, so I still have a full day of non-bloggy work ahead of me before tonight’s Tiki Dinner, which kicks off the conference. Which reminds me – it’s open mic where attendees can read one of their blog postings and I, being the attention whore that I am, totally want to read something. Does anyone have any suggestions on which of my blog postings would be good for reading in front of a bunch of rowdy bloggers?

Also, to get you excited about NV, here’s a reminder of the highlights from last year’s conference:

Oh ya, and I learned a bunch about blogging and suchlike.

But speaking of my boots, although the ones I wore last year have now retired from active duty, I, fortunately, have this pair and this pair to choose from. Because, really, what’s a blogging conference without some CFM boots?

1Did I mention that I’m an attention whore?

6 Responses to Bloggy bloggy blogginess

  1. Krista Lee says:

    I vote for the e-bay boots!

  2. Kalev says:

    The dragon costume guy is hot…

    I will look through some of your past entries and see if there’s anything suitable for such an attentention whore.

  3. Kalev says:

    Maybe the one about AA.

    Or “Hot for Teacher,” since that’s about you being an attention whore, so really you would be meta-attention whoring if you read it.

    Or this one, especially for the comments relating to the dominatrix clown. (Although be sure to fix the title first.)

  4. Kalev says:

    You say… nothing?

  5. Stacia says:

    If you’re an attention whore, you have to wear the whore boots. That’s just the way it works. And I love your earrings from the last post!

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