I’m a bit of a Diet Pepsi fanatic¹. So when I saw this product in London Drugs and I just HAD to have it:

Let’s take a closer look at that, shall we?

That’s right. Diet Pepsi with ginseng. So, it’s like a super healthy drink. And I felt completely invigorated after consuming this product. No, really.

¹In fact, my ex used to refer to Diet Pepsi as my “dark master.”

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  1. I think you meant you felt completely off-your-rocker high-as-a-kite after consuming this product.

    In the UK they have vitamin-enriched Coke. Now THAT’S healthy!

  2. @Chris: Caffeine-free? Caffeine is the *point* of diet Pepsi, IMHO!

    @Kalev: I guess they’ve just completely given up on trying to get people to eat fruits and veggies if they are putting vitamins into pop now!

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