The ‘net, according to my dad

I was talking to my dad on the phone yesterday. First, he lamented that neither his nor my NHL hockey team made the playoffs this year and then he proceeded to tell me a joke. I asked him where he heard said joke and he replied, “On the comedy section of the ‘net.”

“Wait, where did you hear that joke?” I said, confused.

“You know, the comedy section of the ‘net.”

That’s right, the “comedy section of the ‘net.”


7 Replies to “The ‘net, according to my dad”

  1. Can he tell me where to find the “super hot gay boys who are totally into me and actually want to move in with me” section of the ‘net? Because I’ve tried Google and Yahoo and I just can’t find it!

  2. I was actually wondering where the comedy section of the ‘net was. Could he narrow that down a bit? I could use a good laugh (unless the joke was bad and then, nevermind).

  3. @Stacia – I think the “comedy section” is just to the left of the “information section.” You know, just beyond the velvet rope. =)

  4. I am about one-hundred years too late to post, but I gotta come to Dads rescue here. He is in fact right. For him there is a “comedy section” of the internet. It is part of his home page from Sympatico. He clicks the “comedy section” to get jokes.
    I hope to one day read your kids Blog or the future equivalent of a Blog were they make fun of you because you can’t figure out the three shell. Judgy-judgerson.

    Love, your sister.

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